October 1, 2003

Homeschooling Takes A Giant Leap    College? What College? It is no secret that MIT's Open CourseWare has been around for quite a while. But there are now 500 courses and course material available online, for free.
"500 Courses Now Available With the publication of 500 courses, MIT OCW offers educational materials from 33 academic disciplines and all five of MIT's schools."

This is more than a fancy reading list. As a former T.A. and having taught several upper level college courses myself, I know that the professors go to great lengths to assemble materials that are especially pithy. Of course, there is no substitute for class participation. Goodness knows how often I skated by on class discussion alone. Yet I believe this is a leading edge of a new mode for continuing education. The biggest hurdle now is inside you and me: motivation. It takes a certain deep level of discipline to wade through a complete course reading list. I hope that this takes off.

At least you can supplement your education or interest with the material here. But give it a look, give it a try. See what makes MIT, MIT

start learning MIT OC HOME

Complete Course List HERE

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