December 17, 2003

Reflections on “Homemaking”… Well we are officially in our new house, sort of. All our possessions have moved from one location to another, but many of them are still in boxes and most of those boxes remain in our garage for the time being. It will be a slow but steady process. The new house is wonderful and soon it will feel like our home. As I type this we are still without internet access, my children are all asleep and Serona is watching the X-men downstairs. It is so nice to not hear his movie from my upstairs bedroom for a change. I feel like we have so much space here and it is definitely a house that can and will grow with us. Here I can see my kids growing up and that is a wonderful feeling (though part of me just wants them to stay little – especially Sirah) and for once I feel like saying let’s just stay here and put down roots. Everywhere else we have lived has felt or planned to be so temporary – but this time I feel different and so does Serona, and it is a nice feeling.

I find myself reflecting on how blessed our family is and how much we really have. I am so thankful for my marriage, children and the family we have created. I am thankful for good friends and extended family. I am thankful for our wonderful new home and all the things we are blessed with that help change this house into a home. We really are so rich in so many ways and it is amazing to me. I am so thankful to God for his faithfulness and his generosity in his provision.

I’ve never worn the title “Homemaker” with much pride. I always think of myself as “Mom” and for some reason that title has always made me fill more fulfilled – until recently. You see I finally realized the value and importance of building a home for my family. I don’t mean providing a building for them to live in that is kept clean and well stocked with the necessities. Rather a home is a place for them to receive all they need to go into the world and fly. To have their fountains filled here: spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually and the many other ways we need to be filled. For my husband and children and yes even myself to feel like our needs are met and we can move on to take on the world.

I want our home to be a place of peace and comfort, a solace, a place we all want to be. A place filled with real people and real things. A place of beauty and calm. A place one comes to feel refreshed and you leave here feeling better for having been here. Those are lofty goals and maybe someday we can achieve them – but we will make babysteps each day to try to get closer to that goal.

Tommorrow I will start by unpacking the boxes and finding homes for everything (a place for everything and everything in its place) and letting go of the things we no longer need or cherish. I will try to not hold on to tightly to those things that weigh us down and to truly enjoy and cherish the things that help lift us up. I will try to teach this lesson to my children as we work side by side.

Each day I will try to add something to make our home a more beautiful and enjoyable place for every member of our family and every person that stops by for a visit. I will try to remove the weeds of anger, yelling, too much TV, excess possessions, and discord in relationships. I will try to fill our days with good music, art, and literature. I will try to focus my family on their individual relationships with God and teach them the ways of the Lord. I will choose each day to serve God and to show my children my relationship with him. I will build my husband and children up and help them feel loved and special. I will take time to fill my cup and meet my own needs so I can meet the needs of my family. I will maintain and manage my household so it has legs to walk. I will prune out the weeds so it has room to grow and need not compete for the good soil. I will try to create an atmosphere of learning and peace so we all have time to spread our wings to learn to fly. I will work hard to turn this house into our home.

But I realize that I can not and should not go at this alone. I need the support and help of each member of this family. We all need to value our family and our home and we need to do our part to help accomplish and maintain that atmosphere of home. So I will teach my children how to meet their responsibilities as well. Hopefully Serona and I can train up our children in the way they should go so they will not stray from it later in life.

So the next time you are asked your profession and you circle “homemaker” stand proud and realize all that you do and the value of your job. I know I have a new appreciation for my field of work and I can’t think of any profession I would rather be in or that I am better suited for. I am thankful for this job opportunity and I fully intend to do my best for each member of my family.


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