May 5, 2004

Rhiannon's menu

Recently we have been enjoying the outdoors we have spent so much time outside walking, biking, hiking and just playing. We have enjoyed a nearby pond, several playgrounds, a bog, some nature trails and bike trails and just our own backyard. I love this weather, especially before th bugs come and try to take advantage of it.

Rhiannon surprised us this weekend with a menu she wrote herself without any prompting our help. She decided on the items and then wrote them phoentically. Here is her menu with the correct spelling next to it

Tofoo Tofu
Citan Seitan
Grapfroot Grapefruit
Creul Cereal

I must admit to being very surprised and proud of her. It has been hanging on our fridge and I think that will make her "portfolio" as it is something I want to look back on and show her what she could do at 4.

In other things we have started P week at Ciaran's request - as he wanted to study Pooh Bear. So far we hiked at a nature preserve/park, had a picnic, visited playgrounds, put on a puppet show, played with play dough, visited a pond, pretend playing, watched Pollyanna, and made pancakes. Of course we have been reading and made two library visits.