November 14, 2004

A Date With Daddy: Ciaran's Perspective

We went to a bog and we got to get a treat. The bog was "Spring Peeper Meadow". I saw water, I saw water, socks, I saw telephones. I heard a mouse. I saw some birds. We went to the mall and looked at stuff and Dad got some Candy, not for us, just for him. I did not eat anything at the mall. Then, we started to go to the bog. Then we started to go home. The first thing we did, I don't know the place, a bakery a bakery a bakery. I got hot chocolate, we got ciannamon rolls. It was so big like a giant. I left two pieces (hold up two fingers and says this many). I eat a lot of that hot chocolate. But when we were in the mall we got a drink of hot chocolate. Then we started to go to a mall, er a bog, then we started to go home. I had a good time. Now that is all that I have to say. There. About that, OK?


  1. Aww. Dates with Daddy are good for everyone!

  2. What? Daddy got candy just for himself? SOunds like a stingy older brother i used to have.... : )