November 14, 2004

A Date With Daddy: Rhiannon's Perspective

We went to the mall. And we got cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. We got the cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate at the bakery. I decided I picked where to sit, near the fireplace on a booth. It felt very warm. I got a lucky penny. And then we, um, and (thinking) what else did we do...We walked around the mall looking for a picture machine. We got our pictures taken then we went to the, uh, "Spring Peeper Meadow". And (thinking) we...saw different plants and animals, mostly plants. The ingredients of the Spring Peeper Meadow was Soil, Water, and Dirt - (I ask, "Dirt?" she continues) Soil, Water, and Plants. And um, then we uh, wait, uh, (thinking hard now) looked around some more. Then we drove back home. I was telling my mom, about the story I am writing on my blog. We wresstled on Daddy. There's a lot of "we's" in there (this blog. I ask why she thinks this) Because we did lots of things together. I'm all done. Thanks Dad.

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  1. "We" is a very important concept in "family", isn't it? I love hearing about dates with Daddy! Thank you for sharing these.