May 14, 2005

HMS Father's Folly Voyage Log : Day Two early evening

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A meager meal after working
We're well in progress towards getting everything ship shape by the time the Captain returns but the crew is growing restless. This foul weather is not helping matters. Sun will flirt with our minds, dappling the surface of the water and making it sparkle. Then it will be consumed by rain bearing clouds that lash us for having the temerity to venture topside and enjoy the light and heat on our cheeks.

The beasts are the only ones who seem not to mind, if indeed they notice at all. They are as like to frolic in the rain and mud as they are to seek shelter. I think their wits have left them, if they ever possessed them in the first place.

Our afternoon meal was meager but sufficient. I must write in praise of the little bean from the Orient. It is incredibly useful. Today we ate a kind of cheese or curd made from the milk of the bean. The crew actually requested this squishy foodstuff then expounded on the physical benefits of eating it. So much the better for them.

I was also able to locate some dry goods that we were able to boil and smother with some melted cheese (cheese lasts forever, especially in this salt air). The crew loved it. Myself, I took the smaller portion to ensure enough for the crew.

After a bit of play we are back again on task, making ready. We sail under the same accursed sky though the breeze is cool. We are making good headway.

My deck hand, the wee one, usually so practical about going about topside in bare feet (the better for balance you know) has taken to a particular pair of black shoes about two sizes too big for her. Despite several tumbles she persists. I have tried to dissuade her but she will not give up. Well, so long as she gets her tasks done...

Rumors and Hearsay
There was a rumor that the Captain had been abducted while on leave. I want to put this rumor to rest, for, when I read outloud the demands of those rapscallions, those scallywags, those ne'er do wells who ply the black seas of piracy, the crew was quite distraught. Yet there was, too, a tone of levity in their "ransom" demand that begs me to believe the threat a hoax.

We shall see. Meanwhile, it is back to the tasks at hand.

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  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Ahoy there crew! Just a note to let you know that your captain is pleased and I miss you terribly and can't wait to see you again tommorrow!