May 14, 2005

HMS Father's Folly Voyage Log : Day Two early

If you've not read the prologue, read it here.
If you've not read Day One, read it here.

High Seas
The day broke with an ill wind and gunpowder skies. I don't know how they do it but the crew woke with boundless energy. It is a curious energy though. Boundless when they set about tasks of their choosing then, incredibly, sapped to the point of enervation, when I give an order. I had to beg, cajole, threaten and promise just to impress on them the need to keep an orderly bunk. In the end, it took the lure of sweetmeats to break our fast that set them about the job. And then it required them several attempts to get it right. I reassure myself that they are learning and will do better the next time.

I have decided to ignore the epithet "Father's Folly" for now. I am in no position to rewrite the lettering on the stern. I suspect that it is no more than playful baiting. But I will not let it chafe. Instead I will embrace it and let my actions, my leadership, and my results speak for themselves.

New Crew and Frightful Weather
The weather has soured. A cold steady rain has driven us below decks. The crew entertain themselves with sport, wrestling and the such, whilst I journal. It is soothing to me. I just wish that their exercise did not entail so much undoing of the tidying that we've already accomplished.

In an interesting turn we have picked up two new crew (I use the term loosely). They are, in fact, the two dirtiest, smelliest, most rambunctious beasts I have ever laid eyes upon. I'm not sure what help they can actually be but the crew are quite taken with them. I think that, at one time, they were dogs, but they are little more than dirty beasts now. Maybe having them around will endear the crew to me.

I am always amazed at how the crew can learn some things and not others. For instance, they still chafe at my command (when they bother to listen at all) yet my Trimmer (monkey boy), has just informed me and the crew about his intestines. Fascinating.

How to channel this energy? I must set about my tasks. There is bunk inspection, washing, and maintenance to complete. I will not let the Captain down. This is my oath.

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