May 14, 2005

HMS Father's Folly Voyage Log : Day Two afternoon

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Setting To (finally)
My goal is to get all standing by supper. To achieve this, the desire of every ship's captain, we need a combination of luck, weather and ship readiness. I feel that, though the weather is poor now, the lightening of the persistent cloud cover portends a break in the rain and fairer skies ahead. My task is to be ready for that.

Right now the Father's Folly is anything but ready. I gathered the crew and had a heart to heart. A captain must know when to be hard and when to be flexible. This was a time for flexibility but I started by letting them know that I was disappointed in the lack of responsiveness I was, heretofore, perceiving. They all, at first, made protestations to the contrary with the littlest simply repeating every third word or so I spoke (was she mocking me? I let it slide). At the end, I think they understood.

I am of the belief that a captain should give his crew as much information as possible so that they know why they're being asked to do what they are. Sure, sometimes leadership demands strict and immediate obedience, but I find that the crew is more able and capable when they know the stakes and the direction we're heading. After all, we're all on this ship together. So I told them.

Our goal was not just to survive our voyage together until the Captain returned from her shore leave. Rather, we would impress the Captain with our completion of preparations for the following week when delegations from all over the known land would come aboard to celebrate the completion of the chronology of the War of the Stars.

We decided an orderly approach would be best so we made a task list. We reviewed the ship: centerline to all regions athwartship. The list was vast. The crew saw and appreciated the magnitude of the task. Yet, (and here I find myself impressed) they neither balked nor shied from the job.

The only members of the crew who did not agree and still refuse to take up the mantle of responsibility are the beasts. I have washed my hands of them for now and given them free roam topside. Later the crew and I will wash them, literally, and no small task will that be.

We have set to (finally), and the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds.


  1. Argh..Ahoy there matties, the Stitch and Bitch Ship is currently sailing the Rochester seas and we have taken your Captain Crochet hostage and we have a list of demands in exchange for her safe return.

    Poncho Pirate demands a limo ride and a well prepared dinner, she is disgruntled for past actions.

    Sally Stitch demands that you gather your finest men, coffee and chocolate for a Taboo tournament.

    Purl Pirate demands a perfectly toasted marshmallow upon your finest graham smothered in only the best chocolate upon her demand at Port Nerstrand.

  2. Ay there barnacle crusted, pox-faced biscuit maggot - you obviously do not know who you are dealing with, come walk the plank over at our ship, if you dare.

    Make no mistake this is no hoax, we do have Captain Crochet. Honor our demands or Captain Crochet will continue to pump on the seas of Rochester.

    ---Purl Pirate, Sally Stitch and Poncho Pirate

  3. Don't try to frighten us with your Pirate ways. If I smell your kind or so much as catch a glimpse of your jolly roger, I'll keel-haul the lot of you after you bilge on your anchor. You lot'o Jacks must be down in the hogshead and loaded to the gunwhales to grow the ones required to threaten me.

    Unhand the Captain and you'll merely be press ganged, you squiffy sprogs. Your jig is up.

    (if you need to translate, go here)