May 13, 2005

HMS Father's Folly Voyage Log : Prologue

I've always wanted to captain my own ship but have long been content as First Mate to the Captain. She runs a tight ship and the crew seem to prosper under her. They respond well to her leadership, chafing at times at the ugly but necessary tasks, but always respecting her.

Still, from my post as First Mate, the job looks to be a breeze. The Captain says that I'm romanticizing it and that it's not all warm breezes and cool swells. Maybe. But I'll get my chance to see first hand quite soon.

The Captain has announced that she's going away for 3 days for some well deserved R&R. I and the crew assumed that this meant shore leave for the rest of us or at least dropping anchor and relaxing in the sun. The Captain had other ideas. "I've commandeered a ship for you" she said, almost too casually. I raised an eyebrow in confusion and a little bit of excitement. "It's time you had the chance to captain your own ship. I've already spoken to the crew." I stroked my clean shaven chin and nodded, trying not to appear nonplussed. Inside I was reeling. I finally broke and asked, "where will we head? What is the job?"

"That is the captain's decision, Captain. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you are responsible. We will meet up again in 3 days. Calm seas and fair winds to you." Wow. The excitement has started to set in. She showed me my ship my ship! the words "Father's Pride" writ large across her stern. Her prow mounted with a fearsome spar in the shape of a ram's head. This is a ship that will strike fear into the hearts of those bent on harm and mischief. This is a ship to make a man feel strong, to feel proud. I do.

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