May 25, 2005

Who says Home Schoolers Get a Second Rate Education?

I am consistently amazed by the distain and hyperbole with which the ignorant, frightened, or just plain uninformed often characterize the quality of a home schooling education. They are not typically aware of things like this:
"Nathan Cornelius, a home schooled seventh grader from Cottonwood, Minn., won the 17th annual National Geographic Bee competition today, with a dazzling display of knowledge about places, cultures, cities, countries and rivers around the globe.

... the competition ... started with 5 million students nationwide ... He was one of two contestants to survive a double elimination first round that took 105 questions. ... Nathan entered the competition, sponsor by National Geographic Magazine, as the Minnesota state champ for the third straight year. " (emphasis added)

I guess they are products of their education...

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