December 30, 2005


Take a look at the MSNBC 2005 Pictoral Year in Review. They have two versions. 1. Readers' Choice. 2. Editors' Choice.

Launch the Readers' Choice first. Turn off the "auto play" and just look at all of the pictures.

Now Launch the Editors' Choice. Turn off the "auto play" so that no commentary comes through. Look at the pictures.

You begin to understand why we do not have a news media, we have a bad-news media.

While the Readers' Choice pix do not shy away from the heartbreak and trajedy of the real world, they also carry with them hope and patriotism and optimism. The Editors' choice pictures are much more hopeless, graphic, distubing, and sorrowful.

And folks wonder why the MSM is so out of touch with the rest of us....

Here is the link.

The Year in Pictures 2005 - Year in Review -


  1. Probably an underlying reason why we don't watch the news.

  2. Anonymous12:32 PM

    To be sure. MSNBC's web site has a cool feature every week where they show a number of photos of the week. All viewers get to vote for their favorites. The photos are often a mix of whimsy, inspiration, news, devastation, emotion, and life (and death). What is always interesting is to see the photos that win each week. Those are in the "viewers' choice" section. The news editors - the ones who determine what will and will not make the headlines or even placement, select the others. What is so very interesting is where they are the same and where they are different.