December 16, 2008

I Used to Know a Blogger

That blogger was me. Then life happened, an election that is still not fully resolved here in MN, a book I have been writing, a child joining swim team, three kids in school this year and a husband who traveled more than he was home in the past few months. I have spent my computer time and my writing time elsewhere. Now I am spending my free time making chocolate and cookies and Christmas presents with my kids. Maybe I will resume in the new year, everything in life has seasons and this has been a quiet season for my blog.

This year was a busy year filled with many ups and downs, challenges and great joys, it was a full year. I will try to do my annual review though it may be shorter this year than in the past, of course many of you will probably be thankful for that :)

January - We began the month with a wonderful and very relaxing trip to visit the family in Maine, we stayed through Christmas, New Year's and Serona's birthday. The kids played basketball in a church league and continued through the year with their Awana and homeschool cooperative and Rhiannon was part of Keepers at Home, a girls group. We did some field trips to the Art Institute, nature center and physics circus. Our outdoor activities were more limited by my back and health problems that would continue throughout the year.

February - We entered the world of politics that would dominate much of our schedule this past year with the caucuses and beginning of campaigns. Serona headed off to Singapore, Shanghai and other exotic locations and missed us terribly, I think he especially missed winter in MN. The kids and I headed to the arboretum, science museum, an indoor air jumping facility and several plays to pass the time.

March - Political conventions, a moms retreat to a lovely cabin up north, and a trip to Portugal for Serona. Ciaran turned 7 and we had a great party at the local bowling alley. We took the homeschool teens to a Christian rock concert and I discovered that cell phones are the new lighter. By the end of the month I found it hard to be in any position for more than 15 minutes and we began to investigate surgical options for my health.

April - I had surgery on my abdomen and what was supposed to be a 3 day recovery turned into a 6 week recovery and more bedrest than expected. We had loving support of our homeschool friends to bring us meals and help with our kids and laundry even. Baseball started with a warm 32 degree opening day (after being cancelled twice on account of snow) with snow on the grass and all around the fields.

May - I turned 34, Sirah donated 10 inches of her hair to Locks for Love (she spent the whole year prior growing it out), Serona headed to California and we finally ventured outside as I began to heal more. The kids enjoyed a pioneer school day at the Cahill school house, trips to the nature center and arboretum and some more theater, along with resuming service to Feed my Starving Children. Mostly this month was dominated by baseball schedules though as we watched Ciaran blossom as a player and become a second baseman fitting his nickname of duece.

June - We celebrated our 11th anniversary with a trip to Hawaii. I was so excited to be there! Only 7 more states to go to reach my goal of all 50 before I am 40. We had a wonderful time and stayed on the island of Oahu as Serona needed to be there for work. Our generous friends took turns with the children at their house so we could sneak away for a week. What more can I say than on the beaches of Hawaii with Serona - wonderful!

July - Maria turned 9 and we celebrated with a trip to the water park. Grandma suprised her by flying in from New York to spend 2 weeks with us. Serona flew to Maine to surprise his parents for their anniversary party. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Grandma and the relaxation of baseball being finally done. We also took an exciting and crazy camping trip with major storms passing through our camp sites and kids up until nearly 4am! Ciaran also broke his arm when Maria launched him off the couch with her feet, the rest of the summer in a non waterproof cast, not fun!

August - Little Sirah turned 5 with a special tea and princess birthday party. Serona headed to California and Bangkok and we spent time watching the Olympics and along with the rest of the world enjoyed watching Michael Phelps win 8 gold medals. He inspired some swimmers here at home to join the swim team in the fall.

September - Most of the fall became a blur for our family as schooling 3, politics, swim team and other activities dominated our days. I worked on finishing writing a book I started in the summer and am still working on final edits for, hey you never know. I started teaching a civics class and homeschool activities resumed including theater, field trips and coop.

October - Began a cycle of travel for Serona that lasted until mid December, I can't even recall all the places he went or in which order he went to them. October was also a very busy campaign time with the kids spending much of their time at headquarters with me as well doing what they could. We toured the capital, met with our representatives and candidates we were campaigning for and many other things along those lines. The kids dressed up as ninjas and a cat and we tried to get to the rock wall and swimming each week. Sirah was very proud she could climb up several of the walls she has been waiting to climb.

November and December - More travel, the election, the recount, swim team, Dr's appointments, Christmas prep, Christmas parties and the many other things that keep our days busy. A highlight was the horseback riding Maria got to do with girls group and her dad and best friend.

It has been a year of challenges and victories, blessings and hardships, as I am sure it has been for many of you. May this next year be a fulfilling one for you and one that brings you many joys. Take time this season to love those around you, make cookies and sing songs with your kids and kiss your loved one under the mistletoe.

Merry Christmas!