April 24, 2010

Touching Minds

For the last five years our family has been part of the same homeschool cooperative.  This is one of my kids favorite parts of being home schooled.  They love their friends there, they enjoy the teachers and they enjoy the variety of classes being taught.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with some other students teaching topics I love.  Some of these students I have had for multiple years. As I sat at a table yesterday across from some teenagers that I have now taught since they were 11 and 12 years old along with a new crop of students I am getting to know I thought about how much I enjoy spending time with these kids.

For a few short moments we get to touch minds about topics that are interesting to them and engage in conversation that I hope challenges them and helps them to grow and think about things.  One of my favorite parts of teaching anyone is when you are able to witness those light bulb moments, when it all clicks together in the mind of a person and you can see it on their face.  When you watch someone have the realization that they knew something or truly understand something, that is a beautiful moment.  I have been blessed by so many of those moments through this cooperative.  I have had the blessing of interacting with some of these students from the time they were 11 and 12 years old until now 16 and 17.  I have seen some graduate and move on and I still like the moments when I can see them or interact with them on intellectual topics.  I love seeing the growth and the way young minds develop and sharpen.

I am not a main teacher for any of these kids.  I will not have been a major or even a minor influence or even remembered by many of them.  Still there were moments when they learned things that I know will be further built upon in their lives and for that I am thankful.  I am thankful for the small moments when they learned to look at something from a different point of view, learned to be able to articulate their thoughts better, or gained a new understanding of a concept they may have not considered before.  Those are the gifts our students give us and those are the things that make it all worth while.

One of the greatest things about our cooperative is the freedom to teach whatever class we want and the ability to tailor it to the student's interests.  Over the past five years I have taught the younger, middle and older levels of students, having taught at the 2nd-4th grade level, 5th - 7th grade and 8th through high school level.

I do love teaching the younger kids and have the energy and creativity to do so and some of those classes have been among my favorite as I watch kids be introduced to new topics and find excitement for history or literature that they never thought was there before.  The classes I taught the younger students will be the topic of another post.

Today I am thinking more of the older classes, the high school level ones, mostly because I realized yesterday that several students would be moving on from cooperative and they were some of the first ones I had.  I realized yesterday one my students took almost every single class I offered at his level for the past 5 years.  I sometimes joked with him "Aren't you bored of me yet?"  They do get to choose their classes so they do not need to take a class with me.

Over the years I have taught classes about The Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars, Teen Christian Music, Research, Argument, Current Events, Advertising, and Movie Criticism.  I try to take topics kids naturally like or are easily interested in and then teach them something through the course of the class.  For instance movie criticism, star wars and narnia all really ended up teaching literature and literary concepts.  Teen Christian Music introduced some poetry and analysis and in current events, research and argument I encouraged them to pick any topic of interest to them even if it may not be traditional.

The thing I most enjoyed was class discussion and watching the students test out their ideas on each other and on me.  Watching some students gain a confidence in their ideas and their abilities.  It has been interesting to watch them mature over the years and see the difference in depth of their answers and analysis.  So many sharp minds make for interesting discussions.  While I will miss interacting with some students and still miss some from years past, I love getting to know a whole new crop of students and getting to see a glimpse of where their minds take them.  Watching someone interact with material and other people in an intelligent way is one of my favorite things.  Being able to help offer opportunities and encouragement for those interactions is one of the biggest blessings I receive as a teacher.  It makes all the work I put into a class well worth it.

I love that I teach my own children at home.  I love that I get to see those light bulb moments all the time here with my own children, it is powerful.  I also like that my kids get the opportunity to learn from and experience other teachers and their teaching styles and interact and share their ideas with other kids.  Homeschooling with attendance in a regular cooperative has been a good combination for us.

There are days when I really miss being part of the debate community I spent so many years as a young adult in.  I miss being surrounded by smart, engaged and interesting people who wanted to discuss, debate and think about a wide variety of topics.  I miss the constant interaction and testing of ideas.  The iron sharpening the iron.  I know my own background in debate heavily influences the way I approach and teach my classes to the high school students.  I try to encourage them to do that to each other and try to let them discuss and lead as much as possible using guided questions or probing challenges so they will interact and work it out with each other.

My favorite age of mind is from about 13-23 or so.  Those ten years (with a few on either end for some) are so formative and to watch the mind work is very interesting.  So many ideas are being tested, independent opinions and factual judgements are being formed on so many topics.  It is as if the mind is sprouting wings, discovering them, deciding which way to point, flying off, falling and picking back up again, sometimes resetting a new course or trying the old one with new energy.  So many people don't enjoy people of this age group but I really do, they are some of my favorite people and I almost always feel refreshed after walking away from a discussion with people in that age group.  Teenagers and college students, I have loved them since I was a debate coach and I think I always will because of what is going on in the mind. Forget about the hormones, crazy behavior, and other annoying habits and try to touch those minds with yours for just a moment and you will come away rewarded and possibly challenged yourself, I know I always do.  Thank you to all of you who have blessed me over the years.

April 21, 2010

Remember it is School

This is the season where sports resumes in our lives and I start to be careful about all the time we are spending out of the house during the school day because I know we will not be spending our evenings at home.  We will be at a baseball diamond or a swim pool most likely 6 days a week.

I start to feel like we should just be in the house more but I need to remind myself that piano, art class, coop classes, field trips, library runs, nature walks and the other out of the home activities we do really are part of our school time, even though they are not time in our house with books.

For some reason this year has been a year of staying home more, maybe because they are getting older? I was always a big advocate of field trips and this year we have gone on so few compared to other years.  I think we have cycled through so many that in a way we needed a break and I have stopped organizing field trips for our homeschool support group which decreased the number I felt obligated to attend or create.  I have also added outside music and art lessons which takes up two afternoons of our week.  We have a weekly kids groups that meets here another afternoon each week and then cooperative in the morning every other week.  So maybe it is not being home more it is just doing different things outside the home.  I am trying to figure how to balance it all.

I think a change in my thinking is needed because those are not "extra" things we do.  They are part of our kids educational experience and I need to remember to look at it that way so I don't feel a sense of lost time.  For the first year we will school all the way through May, the kids do not know this yet but we need to in order to finish our lessons for the year.  There may be a child or two who finishes a subject or two early but in general we will continue all the way through May.  I think this is in part because we have three full time students for the first year and Maria is older with more complex subjects that are taking longer to finish.  We have more subjects, more people and more difficult topic, so it takes longer.

I look at this last 6 weeks or so of school for the year and I think about all we have accomplished and what is left to do and how on track we are.  I keep wanting to reinvent things and change everything up, I need to remember to just stay the course at this point and finish out our semester.  This has been a major year of transition for us already: adapting to various learning styles, changing certain curriculum choices, decreased group lesson time, more outside lessons, becoming more individualized, adding homework and testing practice, and increasing the amount of time dedicated to school.

Some of the things that I discovered we all really did miss and need to fit in more next year are: fiction read alouds, nature walks/sketching, field trips, and service projects.  I did not realize how much we would miss consistent service and how much a part of our family that had become.  I am actually thinking next years schedule will need to include a regular day of service each month, or even more often that that if we can manage it.

Overall I have mixed feelings about this year of school.  I think it has been a big learning year for me.  Realizing how different the kids are and trying to adapt to those needs better and be willing to be more flexible.  We spent a lot of time in fluid changes but overall I think in the long run this will serve us better.

April 14, 2010

Who Am I Today?

This is a question I will often ask myself as I reexamine where I am at this particular point in my life.  I have worn lots of labels through the years.  Some I self identified with and others may have been placed on me by others.  With each of these labels comes certain assumptions and guesses about who I am or what I believe and how people think I spend my time.

I am a home school mom living in the midwest.  At this point in my life that is a very large part of my identity.  Yet even now I realize my kids are growing quickly and that will one day change.  From time to time I think about what makes me just me.  Not Serona's wife, not my kid's mom, not my kid's teacher, but me all by myself.  How does anyone answer that question anyway?  What do I like to do for fun?  A friend of mine recently had that question posed to her and she was intially unsure of how to even begin to answer.  Many homeschool mothers are just in a stage of life and have made choices about our priorites that make majority of what we do related to our kids and our husband.  That is not neccesarily a bad thing but it is something different from people in a different place of life.

I do not think this is a bad thing and I do love what I do, at this point I can not thing of anything else I would rather be doing right now.  I do wonder from time to time how I would explain myself outside of my relationships with my kids, my realtionship with my husband and my job as a home educator.  I know that is enough and probably the most honest explanation of who I really am at this moment.  Still I know I am more than this and parts of me are in hibernation and parts of me have not yet been discovered at this point in my journey and that is all well and good.

I recently decided I wanted to explore more of this "hidden" side of me and asked some ladies I know to have a different kind of ladies night out.  I asked if we could set down some guidelines of topics we would NOT talk about, namely kids, spouses, homeschooling and any outside jobs.  I am interested in hearing what other women think about books, art, music, sports, hobbies, etc and getting outside of my box and all the "natural" conversations we have.  I want to do some different things than I do on an every day basis as well.  I love watching my kids sports games, I really do, but I also would enjoy going to a poetry slam, an art museum for my own interests, a sports event without children or even dancing downtown occasionally.

The time when my children will leave is going to come sooner than I would like and I will miss the fact that I could only get 3 minutes and 14 seconds alone in the shower before hearing one of them calling for me.  I know then I will need to remember who I am without children and I don't want to lose sight of that person and continue to grow that person I am just as myself.  Still that is a delicate balance of just honestly wanting to enjoy every minute of this life with young children right now, while they still like me, embracing and living it to the fullest.

I am not a mom who prefers to be away from her kids.  I am not a wife who feels the need to leave my husband behind for time alone.  Often Serona has to literally push me out of the door to get away by myself for just a bit.  I enjoy being with them and I enjoy that people think of me as Serona's wife, my kids mom, a home educator and all things related to that identity.  Still I love politics, poetry, research, argument, travelling, biking, long walks on the beach, hiking, dancing, good live Irish music, modern art, live performances, sporting events, and so many other things I have yet to discover.  I think a break every now and then from the common threads of my life to find what still lies underneath will be healthy for me.

I no longer have a nursing child, no babies who can't cope with my absence, really no reason I can't go out every once in awhile without another member of my family.  It feels weird, but it is a good different, and I don't want to jump too far too fast because honestly I am still going to choose watching my son's baseball game, daughter's swim meet, reading to my youngest, or having a date with Serona over just about any other actiivity.  Still an occasional foray back into things I enjoy just for me can only be healthy for me I think.  So here is to finding out a bit more about who I am today and who my friends are all on their own. 

3 minutes 14 seconds

That is the exact amount of time alone I received from shutting the door to the bathroom for a shower to the first knock from a child who absolutely "needed me at that moment".  The reason to ask if a friend can come in the house to play.  I told them to wait until I was out of the shower.  Two minutes later another knock on the door which I ignored.  My total shower time 7 minutes and 30 seconds.  They were standing outside the door waiting for the water to stop.

Sigh.  This is the part of being mom that tires me.  This is the part I thought would go away as my children got older.  I mean they are now 6, 9 and 10 and still can not wait for a whole 10 minutes before needing something.  I really did understand when they were all under 6.  I keep waiting for the day it gets better and my friends of teens say they still knock on the door and they should definitely know better.

It is on the day that I wait until 5pm to take a shower in the hopes I can have 10 uninterrupted minutes and still get interrupted three times that I wonder just for a moment what it would be like to put them all on the bus and watch them roll away and return home at 3 or 4pm.  I watch some of the neighbors out walking their dogs, jogging, heading to starbucks, etc.   Don't get me wrong,  I don't really wish that was the case and I am glad we homeschool.  I honestly am and I love spending time with my kids but sometimes I just crave 10 whole minutes alone in the quiet even if I have to double task and take my shower.  I don't really think this is an unreasonable request.

In the time I wrote this post, maybe 15 minutes I have been interrupted at least once by each of the three kids and more than once by two of them :)  My dog is barking on the deck, it is time to make dinner, my hair will remain wet probably until I go to sleep tonight and I will look forward to the moments after Serona falls asleep and before Sirah wakes up in the middle of the night to be alone in my thoughts if just for more than 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

April 13, 2010

NaNoWriMo Kid Style

This year to inspire and encourage writing in Maria, our 5th grader, we decided to try a NaNoWriMo style project.  In January of this year I gave her a writing assignment.  These were the requirements:

1.  It has to be a fiction story you make up
2. You have to write 300 words a day 
3.  You can not use the backspace key or edit in any way. 
4. Spelling and punctuation don't matter.  
5. Your goal is 5000 words at the end of the month.

At first there was a lot of resistance to the idea of the project and to the project itself.  It was very hard for her to start and the hardest rule of all to follow was number #3 You can not use the backspace key or edit in any way.  Every time she wrote something she wanted to erase it and start over or felt that particular word was not good enough, etc.  I knew ahead of time this would happen both being a writer myself and knowing my daughters personality and tendency toward perfection or nothing.  This was the most important rule I think in the end.  She had to just write whether or not she liked it.  For the entire month of January and into the first week of February she wrote 300 words a day on a story she had no idea where it was going.  

A funny thing happened along the way, she decided she actually liked both writing and her own story.  She decided this project was worthwhile and she wanted to not only continue it but improve her story.  We took off the end of February and beginning of March and then decided she would write another 5,000 words with a goal of a finished project somewhere around a 10,000-15,000 word project that I would bind into a book for her.  

Now at the end of 5th grade she will have a book written and bound.  She is even beginning to work on some illustrations that might make it into the final draft.  Through the process we are able to teach her quite a bit about editing, punctuation, word selection, sentence and paragraph structure and other grammar concepts.  In addition we spend quite a bit of time talking about topics like story arc, character development, rising action, climax, protagonist, antagonist, and other literary concepts.  We are also discussing other works of literature and good stories from film as we discuss what changes her story needs.  

Today while we were working together on her story arc outline she began discussing a possible sequel.  She said "maybe I can write another book as my summer project".  These words made my heart leap.  Not only has this process forced her to get over her fear and lack of confidence in her writing ability but it has helped her find a personal love of writing and a commitment to this story and the characters she is writing.

So often in homeschooling an assignment or strategy we take ends up in a very different place then we planned when we began.  This is one of those times, I can not imagine the reaction I would have gotten from her if I said "Your fifth grade project will be to write and publish a book."  This will in fact be the end result, one of the fun things about the homeschooling journey, sometimes you just never know where you will end up.  

April 12, 2010

Piano Lessons

I want my children to have some musical ability as well as an ability to appreciate music.  I know that is one skill set that I can not offer them, a skill that has to be outsourced in their education for them.  A good family friend is an excellent piano player and he decided to start offering lessons in the summer between his junior and high school years and Ciaran decided he wanted to take lessons from him.  It ended up being a perfect fit for him and eventually we added both Sirah and Maria to the lessons.  He goes a nice job with the kids and is very patient both with them and with me.  I am not a great mom/teacher in this area.  I do not force practice, I do not withhold privelage or even require much, I suppose I am lazy about piano.  I decided this was not going to be something we fought about at all.

So our piano teacher is very patient with the fact that the kids progress may be slower than he might prefer and I do not have high expectations of what he will accomplish with them.  He is an excellent teacher and if my kids would practice more they would progress more but for some reason this is one of those subjects I just do not feel the need to push them in.  Just like sports I feel I need to provide them with the opportunities and ability to practice and enhance their skills but then just let them set the pace.  I am glad they all have the opportunity to learn from a teacher who is patient with them and willing to meet them where they are at, no matter the pace they are moving at.

Next year our piano teacher will go off to college and we will be at a loss as we try to find someone else to continue their lessons if they desire.  I am not going to worry about that now and just enjoy watching them learn and progress right now through the remainder of the summer.   I am thankful they have the opportunity to learn in a stress free environment with a great teacher.

Monday Grumpies and Summer School

I keep trying to find ways to avoid the Monday grumpies in our homeschool journey.  Six years and I have not mastered it.  I think I have just finally accepted it as part of the course and just work through it.  The kids do not like Mondays, it is hard to get them back into the swing of things.  I am guessing teachers of all types of schools deal with this as well.  I have tried all sorts of strategies and have as of late settled into just plowing through.  I do not have a huge day scheduled for Mondays, but I do have math and spelling as part of it (which are least favorite subjects around here). Mondays are also shorter book time for us because we have piano in the afternoons which takes up about 2 hours of our day.  I remind myself this is part of their school time so not to be upset about the lost "book time" part of our school day.

Lately on grumpy Mondays in April I have taken to pointing out how far along they are in their school books to try to keep them motivated.  My kids like to finish school in May so they have some of the best time in Minnesota to be outside and play.  As of right now they are not on schedule to finish in May but to continue on through June.  Sometimes they suprise me though by becoming very motivated to finish early in these next few weeks.  Such motivation worked with Sirah today when faced with the realization that she would be doing spelling in the summer if she continued at the pace she has been working at.

This year that motivation seems to not have as much power as we announced a few months back to the kids that we would be moving to year round math.  We already require year round reading in the summer and now have added math (which they were less than pleased with).  I did agree we would be focusing more on mental math and math review in the summer months and in general the lesson time will be much shorter than during the school year, however math every day Monday-Friday, yes I know I am mean.  However September and October were very difficult for math as we spent so much time reviewing what they should still remember and could with just some simple daily exercises so we are changing strategies this year.

I already require them to read 1 hour a day on books of my choice for them.  I do give some freedom within that choice however.  Maria last summer had the freedom to pick anything within the non-fiction subjects I chose for her.  Her hour a day reading was non-fiction.  The summer before it was all the classics, many unabridged.  This summer I have not yet decided what she will do but I am leaning toward biographies in alphabetical order.  For Ciaran, he will likely read the Great Illustrated Classics series and a selection of boy friendly Newberry/Caldecott winners we select for him.  Sirah will break her reading time into two half hour sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening and her books will be based on where her reading level at the time is.  My goal will be to have her reading Magic Tree House books by the end of the summer, but will adapt as she needs.

I would say we do not school year round because I believe I would make the kids do those two things even if they went to group school now.  I think it helped my kids to know that piece so they did not feel like they were falling behind as homeschoolers or that I was forcing them to be schooled year round to make them get ahead.  I was suprised how much more amenable they were to the idea of math in the summer when they discovered I would make them do the same thing if in public school.  Either way I figure it is a good thing and  will not be very demanding of our time this summer.  They should be able to get their work done fairly quickly in the morning and have the rest of the day to play and be free just like every other normal kid in an American summer.

April 10, 2010

Destination Unknown

I have always loved road trips.  I think a lot of it goes back to debate days for me and spending so much time on the road.  I love seeing our country and having nothing to think or worry about other than the trucks and cars  passing me by.  When I am the passenger I don't even need to worry about those things.  Put on some good tunes and just sit back and watch the world pass me by.  It is a fabulous time to reflect on my life and gain some perspective on my small place in this big country which is only a small part of this world.

Serona and I decided to take a vacation away just the two of us, with no plans.  We got in the car and just started driving like the song "The Way" by Fastball.  It felt good to have no destination or even a plan.  We simply choose a road and a direction and drove until we found a place we wanted to stop.  This is very freeing I must admit, a relaxing way to vacation if you are fairly flexible.  You can always keep driving until you find something that meets your needs.

We had some great talk in the car about our lives right now and where we want to be in the next year and few years.  We discussed and evaluated several areas of our life, marriage, parenting, schooling etc and it was nice to do it while driving through the country.  I appreciate this time alone and away with just Serona.  Any parent of young children understands what a treat and rarity this is.

I am glad we are road tripping, just us, some favorite tunes from the years, and the road and landscape around us.  It is a very relaxing way to spend a vacation with no destination or schedule in mind.

April 8, 2010

24 Hour Mission - Clean Home

You might think my goal from the title is to have a clean home in 24 hours.  It is not.  My goal is to maintain a clean home for 24 hours.  At exactly 2pm today my house was completely clean.  I have some laundry to keep up with but otherwise everything is more or less clean.  My goal is to still have a clean home at 2pm tomorrow.  I am not confident we can make it.

To preserve this clean home we left the house just before 2pm while the house cleaners were still working on the house and returned close to 5pm.  The children have been allowed to play outside, on the wii, or in their rooms only.  I have only cooked rice for dinner and am reheating a curry I already made and had in the fridge.  Dinner is being served outside on the deck.  We have our homeschool coop in the morning which means the house should maintain a level of cleanliness while we are gone.  I figure I have about 6 hours of non sleeping time to try to keep the house clean.  Is it sad to anyone else that I have a complete lack of confidence in this staying this way for an entire 24 hours?

It is not that we are very messy people, we are just a typical family with three kids.  As soon as it is clean my three tornadoes walk through the house and leave quite a wake behind them.  We teach stewardship.  We remind them not to half step.  We help pick up after them.  It does not matter.  We live in our house and it is what it is.  The non typical part is that we homeschool so we are here all the time and we live hard in our house.  Every day our home is the location for multiple meals, snack times, school time, PE time, well over a hundred library books, craft time, many friends coming and going, etc.  We are very lived in all the time.

I love that my house is lived in.  I am not any sort of cleaning fanatic and the lived in look is really the only look we go with here.  Once a month though the whole house is clean and I want to keep it that way and enjoy the feeling if only for a few moments.  That peaceful feeling I get when I enter a vacation home or hotel room where everything is orderly and calm.  My life is not orderly and calm so why would I possibly think I would have a calm and orderly house?  I can have one later when the kids are grown up and moved out.  

So here is to hoping my house is still clean at 2pm tomorrow.  I would not hold your breath waiting for an update however :)

Book Lists

Books.  We love books here in this house.  I have made a commitment to trying to update our book lists.  It may take some time but slowly I will get them updated.  Below you will find the winter/spring of last school year.  I am still trying to find my fall list which seems to be hiding somewhere on one of my backup drives.  When I find it I will publish it as well.  I also have current school year reading lists which will be updated every now and again and finalized this summer.

About my book lists.  These lists are not necessarily recommendations and certainly not a list of "age-appropriate" books for all kids.  These lists are simply a record of all the books my kids read for school and pleasure over the course of their school year.  I keep these for our records.  I keep these lists because I always try to remember the name of "that great book I read when I was 9" now and have no record of it and a bad memory.  So I wanted my kids to have a list of all the books they read when they were younger. I realize the list will not be complete, I often miss a book before we return it to the library or the kids forget to put some of their books in the "read to be recorded" basket we have.  Sometimes I get repeats as my kids read their favorites over and over again.  I try to catch them but I don't worry too much if they are listed more than once.   I figure this will at least give my kids a pretty good idea of what they read over the course of the years.

Somewhere along the way in blogging I started posting my lists here and people really enjoyed them.  So I kept going. It became tedious for a time, so I stopped because I found an easy way to keep track of our books personally but it was not easy to fit in a blog format.  I will try to go back and add those lists as time allows.  I am not going to clean up all my old lists though, which were done once a month and are more tedious to read.  They can still be found though on my book list page on the side right nav bar.  I received many emails or comments asking me to please share my lists again.  So here they are.  The outstanding, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Feel free to share links to your favorite books or list some in the comments, we are always looking for good books here.  If you don't care to read the book lists that is fine just skim down a few posts to see the other recent content.

Maria 5th Grade Reading List

Author ISBN

Who Was Anne Frank? (Who Was...?)
Ann Abramson 9780448444826
A Picture Book Of Anne Frank (Picture Book Biography) David A. Adler 9780823410033
Calder Game Blue Balliett 9780439852074
Chasing Vermeer Blue Balliett 9780439372978
The Wright 3 Blue Balliett 9780439693677
Sterling Biographies: Franklin Delano Roosevelt: A National Hero Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen 9781402747472
Peter And The Starcatchers Dave Barry; Ridley Pearson 9780786854455
The Secret History Of Tom Trueheart Ian Beck 9780061152108
Haiti (Enchantment Of The World. Second Series) Jean F. Blashfield 9780516259499
How To Survive In Antarctica Lucy Jane Bledsoe 9780823418909
The Slippery Map N. E. Bode 9780060791087
The Somebodies N. E. Bode 9780060791117
Focus On China (World In Focus) Ali Brownlie Bojang 9780836862164
The National Guard Nichol Bryan 9781577658580
The Fairy Tale Detectives (The Sisters Grimm, Book 1) michael buckley 9780810959255
the sisters grimm fairy tale detectives michael buckley
America In World War Ii: America In World War Two (Wars That Changed American History) Michael Burgan 9780836872934
Martial Arts For Athletic Conditioning Eric. Chaline 9781590843970
Judo (Martial And Fighting Arts) Barnaby Chesterman; Aidan Trimble 9781590843895
Jake Drake, Class Clown Andrew Clements 9780689839214
Jake Drake, Know-It-All Andrew Clements 9780689839184
The Last Holiday Concert Andrew Clements 9780689845253
Help! I'm A Prisoner In The Library Eth Clifford 9780590406055
Gregor And The Curse Of The Warmbloods (Underland Chronicles) Suzanne Collins 9780439656238
Gregor And The Prophecy Of Bane (The Underland Chronicles, Book 2) (The Underland Chronicles, Book 2) Suzanne Collins 9780439650755
The Beloved Dearly Doug Cooney 9780689863547
The Boggart susan cooper 9780590482103
the boggart and the monster susan cooper
History Of Sports - Skiing Alison Cotter 9781590180723
The Door In The Wall Marguerite, De Angeli 9780385072830
Bodies From The Ice: Melting Glaciers And The Recovery Of The Past James M. Deem 9780618800452
Marco Polo Demi 9780761454335
The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Books Of Wonder) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 9780688107826
The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Books Of Wonder) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 9780688107826
Asia (True Books) Gary Drevitch 9780531168653
Diamonds And Gemstones Ron, Edwards 9780778714149
Evangeline Mudd And The Golden-Haired Apes Of The Ikkinasti Jungle David Elliott 9780763618766
Evangeline Mudd And The Great Mink Escapade David Elliott 9780763622954
Gone-Away Lake (Gone-Away Lake Books) Elizabeth Enright 9780152022747
Spiderweb For Two: A Melendy Maze Elizabeth Enright 9780805070637
Thimble Summer Elizabeth Enright 9780805003062
The Icebound Land (Ranger's Apprentice, Book 3) John Flanagan 9780399244568
Ranger's Apprentice: The Battle For Skandia (Ranger's Apprentice, Book 4) John Flanagan 9780399244575
Ranger's Apprentice: The Sorcerer Of The North John Flanagan 9780399250323
The Ruins Of Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice, Book 1) John Flanagan 9780399244544
The Siege Of Macindaw John Flanagan 9780399250330
The Tomb Of The Boy King: A True Story In Verse John Frank 9780374376741
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life Of Discovery (Newbery Honor Book) Russell Freedman 9780899198620
The Tarantula In My Purse: And 172 Other Wild Pets Jean Craighead George 9780060236267
Cleopatra Vii: Daughter Of The Nile, Egypt, 57 B.C. (The Royal Diaries) Kristiana Gregory 9780590819756
The Kid Who Became President Dan Gutman 9780590023764
The Kid Who Ran For President Dan Gutman 9780590939874
Ancient Egypt (Dk Eyewitness Books) George Hart 9780756637651
U.S. Special Operations Forces Ellen. Hopkins 9781403401922
101 Things To Do Before You're Old And Boring Richard Horne 9780802777454
The Seems: The Split Second John Hulme; Michael Wexler 9781599902999
Warriors Super Edition: Bluestar's Prophecy Erin Hunter 9780061582479
Wildfire #2 Left Behind/The Kids Jerry Jenkins
A Dangerous Plan (Left Behind: The Kids, Book 20) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842343145
Attack Of Apollyon (Left Behind: The Kids, Book 19) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842343138
Battling The Commander Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842342964
Breakout!: Believers In Danger (Left Behind: The Kids) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842357937
Death At The Gala: History In The Making (Left Behind: The Kids) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842357890
Fire From Heaven: Deceiving The Enemy (Left Behind: The Kids) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842342971
Murder In The Holy Place: Carpathia's Deadly Deception (Left Behind: The Kids) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842357944
Secrets Of New Babylon (Left Behind: The Kids #21) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842343152
The Beast Arises: Unveiling The Plan (Left Behind: The Kids) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842357906
The Mark Of The Beast: Witness Behind Bars (Left Behind: The Kids) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842357920
The Showdown (Left Behind: The Kids #13) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842342940
Karate (Martial And Fighting Arts) Nathan Johnson 9781590843888
Kung Fu: Essential Tips, Drills, And Combat Techniques (Martial And Fighting Arts) Nathan Johnson 9781590843932
Sterling Biographies: Eleanor Roosevelt: A Courageous Spirit Victoria Garrett Jones 9781402747465
The Big Book Of Magic Fun Ian Keable 9780764132223
Jobs For Kids Jeanne Kiefer 9780761326113
France (Countries And Cultures) Donna L. Knoell 9780736810777
The Babysitters' Handbook (Kidbacks) k.d. kuch 9780679883692
The Great Depression (Cornerstones Of Freedom. Second Series) Elaine Landau 9780516236223
Cleopatra And The Egyptians (Life&times) Andrew Langley 9780531180792
The Fairy's Mistake (Princess Tales) Gail Carson Levine 9780060280604
The Princess Test (Princess Tales) Gail Carson Levine 9780060280635
Martial Arts: The Student (Lloyd, Bryant, Martial Arts.) Bryant Lloyd 9781571032270
The People: Discovering Antarctica June Loves 9780791070246
Anastasia Again! Lois Lowry 9780395311479
Anastasia Krupnik Lois Lowry 9780395286296
Dk Discoveries: Cleopatra: The Queen Of Kings (Dk Discoveries) Fiona Macdonald 9780789477613
The Great Wall: The Extraordinary Story Of China?s Wonder Of The World John Man 9780306818394
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Our Thirty-Second President (Our Presidents) Melissa Maupin 9781567668667
Endangered: Wildlife On The Brink Of Extinction George C. McGavin 9781554071838
In The Days Of The Pharaohs: A Look At Ancient Egypt (Single Title: Social Studies) Milton Meltzer 9780531117910
Welcome To Spain Geraldine Mesenas; Katherine Grinsted 9780836825121
Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller Sarah Miller 9781416925422
The Story Of Diamonds Jean Milne 9780208024763
House Of Mirrors (Ulysses Moore Book) Ulysses Moore 9780439776721
You Wouldn't Want To Be A Pyramid Builder: A Hazardous Job You'd Rather Not Have (You Wouldn't Want To) Jacqueline Morley 9780531123515
Fablehaven Brandon Mull 9781590385814
Book Of Dragons E. Nesbit 9781587171055
The Story Of The Treasure Seekers (Nesbit) E. Nesbit 9780811854160
The Railway Children E. Nesbitt 9780448054261
Medieval Knights (See Through History) David Nicolle 9780670874637
Charlie Bone And The Shadow (Charlie Bone) Jenny Nimmo 9780439846691
Chestnut Soldier (The Magician Trilogy) Jenny Nimmo 9780439846776
Emlyn's Moon (Nimmo, Jenny. Magician Trilogy) Jenny Nimmo 9780439846769
The Snow Spider (Magician Trilogy) Jenny Nimmo 9780439846752
How To Steal A Dog Barbara O'Connor 9780374334970
Island Of The Blue Dolphins Scott O'Dell 9780881030273
Nim At Sea Wendy Orr 9780440422327
Cool Careers For Girls With Animals (Cool Careers For Girls Series) Ceel Pasternak 9781570231056
Bridge To Terabithia Katherine Paterson 9780690013597
Kingdom Keepers Ii: Disney At Dawn (The Kingdom Keepers) Ridley Pearson 9781423107088
Race To Witch Mountain: The Junior Novel (Junior Novelization) James Ponti 9781423118060
Mastering Martial Arts (New Action Sports) Potts; Steve 9781560654049
Safety On The Playground And Outdoors (Living Well (Child's World (Firm)).) Lucia Raatma 9781592962433
Exploration (Antarctica) Greg Reid 9781583407622
The Battle Of The Labyrinth (Percy Jackson And The Olympians, Book 4) Rick Riordan 9781423101468
The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson And The Olympians, Book 1) Rick Riordan 9780786838653
The Sea Of Monsters (Percy Jackson And The Olympians, Book 2) Rick Riordan 9780786856862
The Percy Jackson Files: A Survival Guide To Greek Gods And Monsters Rick Riordan 9781423121664
The Titan's Curse (Percy Jackson And The Olympians) Rick Riordan 9781423101482
The Best Book Of Martial Arts Lauren Robertson 9780753454480
How To Eat Fried Worms Thomas Rockwell 9780440421856
How To Fight A Girl Thomas Rockwell 9780440401117
How To Get Fabulously Rich Thomas Rockwell 9780531108772
The Young Swimmer (Young Enthusiast) Jeff Rouse 9780789415332
Paint The Wind Pam Munoz Ryan 9780439873628
China (Countries: Faces And Places) Pat Ryan 9781567662764
China (Countries And Cultures) Salas; Laura Purdie 9780736807678
Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians Brandon Sanderson 9780439925501
Alcatraz Versus The Scrivener's Bones Brandon Sanderson 9780439925549
Wrestling Basics (New Action Sports) Jeff Savage 9781560654025
Things To Do With Dad: Lots Of Fun For Everyone (101 Things To Do With... (Scholastic)) Scholastic 9780545134026
The Usborne Spy's Guidebook (Usborne Spy's Guidebooks) Lesley Sims 9780746036808
Your Mother Was A Neanderthal (Time Warp Trio) Lane Smith; Jon Scieszka 9780140363722
Bengal Tiger (Animals Under Threat) Richard Spilsbury 9781403448583
Over The Top Of The World Will Steger; Jon Bowermaster; Gordon Wiltsie 9780590848602
Edge Chronicles 1: Beyond The Deepwoods (Edge Chronicles, The) Paul Stewart 9780385750684
Magnetism (Science Around Us (Child's World (Firm)).) Darlene R. Stille 9781592962228
Rock & Mineral (Dk Eyewitness Books) R.F. Symes 9780756637774
Pearl Harbor: The U.S. Enters World War Ii (Point Of Impact) Richard Tames 9781575724164
Dragon's Egg Sarah L. Thomson 9780061288487
Cat Mummies Kelly Trumble 9780590266956
Lincoln's Little Girl Fred Trump 9781563978524
Ribbeting Tales: Original Stories About Frogs Various; Nancy Springer 9780399233128
Haiti (Countries Of The World) Michele Wagner 9780836823516
Totally Confidential Sally Warner 9780060282615
The Wall Street Crash, October 29, 1929 (Days That Shook The World) Alex Woolf 9780739852378

4/8/2010 12:15:15 PM

Ciaran's 3rd Grade Reading List

Title Author ISBN
The Midnight Unicorn 9781402732188
Pickles To Pittsburgh Judi Barrett 9780689839290
Edna's Tale Lisze Bechtold 9780618091645
The Berenstain Bears And The Mama's Day Surprise (First Time Books(R)) Stan Berenstain 9780375911323
The Berenstain Bears Back To School (Family Time Storybooks) Stan Berenstain 9781577190516
Life-Size Dinosaurs (Life-Size Series) David Bergen 9781402717758
Your Five Senses (Time-To-Discover) Melvin & Gilda Berger 9780439566889
The Wrath Of Mulgarath (The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 5) Holly Black 9780689859403
Abe's Fish: A Boyhood Tale Of Abraham Lincoln Jen Bryant 9781402762529
So Far From The Sea Eve Bunting 9780395720950
Rainforest Colors (Science Emergent Readers) Susan Canizares; Betsey Chessen 9780590769624
Alice In Wonderland (Treasury Of Illustrated Classics) Lewis Carroll 9780766607729
Abuela's Weave Omar S. Castaneda 9781880000007
Faith (Global Fund For Children Books) Global Fund for Children 9781580891776
My Teacher Is An Alien Coville 9780671647483
The Attack Of The Two-Inch Teacher Bruce Coville 9780340736357
The Monster's Ring Bruce Coville 9781556906404
The Skull Of Truth Bruce Coville 9780152754570
Duck For President Doreen Cronin 9781416958000
The Empty Pot (An Owlet Book) Demi 9780805049008
Soil Christin. Ditchfield 9780516223445
The Ozone Layer Rhonda Lucas Donald 9780516221953
Water Pollution (True Books: Environment) Rhonda Lucas Donald 9780516273570
Dk Readers: The Story Of Muhammad Ali (Level 4: Proficient Readers) Leslie Garrett; DK Publishing 9780789485175
The Tarantula In My Purse Jean Craighead George
One Dark Night Hazel Hutchins 9780670892464
Aesop's Fables Rochelle Larkin 9781603400794
Peter Pan (Great Illustrated Classics) BARRIE / LEIGHTON
The Elephant Quilt: Stitch By Stitch To California! Susan Lowell 9780374382230
Face To Face With Frogs (Face To Face With Animals) Mark Moffett 9781426302053
If You Give A Moose A Muffin (If You Give...) Laura Numeroff 9780060244057
Dragon Of The Red Dawn: Merlin Mission Mary Pope Osborne 9781417829590
Percy Jackson And The Battle Of The Labyrinth Rick Riordan 9780141382920
Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian Rick Riordan
The Battle Of The Labyrinth Rick Riordan 9780545200493
The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson And The Olympians, Book 1) Rick Riordan 9780786838653
The Sea Of Monsters Rick Riordan 9780439027021
The Titan's Curse (Percy Jackson And The Olympians) Rick Riordan 9781423101482
Henry And Mudge Get The Cold Shivers (Henry And Mudge) Cynthia Rylant 9780689810145
Henry And Mudge Under The Yellow Moon Cynthia Rylant 9780689810206
Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians Brandon Sanderson 9780439925501
Peanuts Treasury Charles M. Schulz 9780760721469
Where The Wild Things Are (Caldecott Collection) Maurice Sendak 9780064431781
The Road To Balinor (Unicorn Of Balinor, 1) Mary Stanton 9780439113090
Lizards (Pet Care For Kids) Kathryn Stevens 9781602531857
Classic Starts: Dracula (Classic Starts Series) Bram Stoker 9781402736902
The Wizard Of Oz (Illustrated Classic Editions / Moby Books, Volume 1) Frank Baum Deidre S. Laiken Pablo Marcos Studio
Groovy Tubes: Mythical Beasts Kate Torpie 9781584766186
Sailor Moo: Cow At Sea (Golden Kite Honors (Awards)) Lisa Wheeler 9780689842191
Volcanoes Jenny Wood 9780140344653

4/8/2010 12:17:37 PM

Ciaran 2nd grade reading list

Author ISBN
Hockney At The Tate 9780714860169
The Illusion Of Epoch H. B. Acton 9780710010032
Power And Responsibility bendis bagley
Let's Go Yankees! Yogi Berra 9781932888812
Trouble River betsy byars
The Field Guide (The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 1) Holly Black; Tony DiTerlizzi 9780689859366
Magnets: Set A (Compass Point Phonics Readers) Wiley Blevins 9780756505110
The Planets In Our Solar System Frank M. Branley
Clifford The Big Red Dog: Clifford And The Grouchy Neighbors Norman Bridwell 9780590442619
So Far From The Sea Eve Bunting 9780395720950
Jake Drake, Class Clown Andrew Clements 9780689839214
Jake Drake, Know-It-All Andrew Clements 9780689839184
Step Inside . . . Cinderella: A Magic 3-Dimensional Fairy-Tale World (Step Inside) Inc. Sterling Publishing Co. 9781402736551
The Magic School Bus At The Waterworks (Magic School Bus) Joanna Cole 9780590403603
There's An Alien In My Classroom! (My Alien Classmate) Bruce Coville 9780340736340
The Empty Pot (An Owlet Book) Demi 9780805049008
Kenny & The Dragon Tony DiTerlizzi 9781416939771
Asia (True Books) Gary Drevitch 9780531168653
Go, Dog. Go! (Beginner Books) P.D. Eastman 9780394800202
Little Bear's Visit else minarik
Dark Destiny (Bionicle Legends) Greg Farshtey 9780439787956
Star Wars Clone Wars: The Shipyards Of Doom (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) Henry Gilroy 9781595822079
Peter's Destiny: The Battle For Narnia Craig Graham 9780060852351
Can I Have A Stegosaurus Mom Lois G. Grambling; H. B. Lewis 9780816733866
Fine As We Are Algy Craig Hall 9781905417728
Harry & Hannah: The American Adventure (Herrington, Chris. Adventures Of Harry & Hannah.) Chris Herrington 9780972234306
Harry And His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs Uh-Oh! (Step Into Reading) R. Schuyler Hooke 9780375839771
Shiver Me, Shipwreck! #8 (Pirate School) Brian James 9780448448886
Greek Myths (Dk Readers) Caryn Jenner 9780756640156
Jump, Frog, Jump! Robert Kalan 9780688139544
Welcome To South Korea (Welcome To My Country) Karen Kwek; Johanna Masse; Melvin Neo; Dorothy L. Gibbs 9780836825534
Korea (True Books-Geography: Countries) Elaine Landau 9780516267661
Prince Caspian C.S. Lewis 9780001831438
The Frog And Toad Treasury Arnold Lobel 9780060267889
Cobras (The World Of Reptiles) Sophie Lockwood 9781592965441
Stage Fright On A Summer Night mamy pope osborner
Tonight On The Titanic mamy pope osborner
Double Play At Short matt christopher
Toothpaste Millionaire, From Weekly Reader Childrens Book Club Jean. Merrill
You Wouldn't Want To Work On The Great Wall Of China!: Defenses You'd Rather Not Build (You Wouldn't Want To) Jacqueline Morley 9780531124246
The Story Of Ferdinand munro leaf
Magnets (First Science) Julie Murray 9781596798274
The Ghost Of Krzy (Bloodhounds, Inc.) Bill Myers 9781556618901
The Greatest Story Never Told: The Babe And Jackie Ray Negron 9780061471612
If You Give A Pig A Pancake Laura Numeroff 9780439046213
If You Give A Moose A Muffin Laura Joff Numeroff
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Laura Joffe Numeroff 9780439804110
Magic Tree House #38: Monday With A Mad Genius (A Stepping Stone Book(Tm)) Mary Pope Osborne 9780375837296
Eragon Christopher Paolini 9781933499284
Amelia Bedelia Peggy Parish 9780064430364
Amelia Bedelia And The Surprise Shower (I Can Read Book 2) Peggy Parish 9780060246433
Jigsaw Jones #27: Case Of The Frog-Jumping Contest: Case Of The Frog-Jumping Contest (Jigsaw Jones) James Preller 9780439678056
Maze Of Bones Rick Riordan 9780545060394
The Skeleton In The Smithsonian (A Stepping Stone Book(Tm)) Ron Roy 9780307265173
Trouble At The Treasury (Capital Mysteries) Ron Roy 9780375839696
Dig, Wait, Listen: A Desert Toad's Tale April Pulley Sayre 9780688166144
I Am Not Going To Get Up Today! (Beginner Books(R)) Dr. Seuss 9780394892177
Gemstones (True Books: Earth Science) Ann O. Squire 9780516223391
Magnetism (Science Around Us (Child's World (Firm)).) Darlene R. Stille 9781592962228
There's A Frog In My Sleeping Bag susan clymer
Ribbeting Tales: Original Stories About Frogs Various; Nancy Springer 9780399233128
St. Patrick's Day Alphabet Beverly Barras Vidrine 9781565547193
Freddy The Detective walter brooks
The Trail Of The Jedi (Star Wars: Jedi Quest, Book 2) Jude Watson 9780439339186
The Velveteen Rabbit Margery Williams 9780385077255
Star Wars Missions : Togorian Trap #8 (First Scholastic Printing) Dave Wolverton 9780590129923

4/8/2010 11:54:58 AM

Maria's 4th Grade Reading List

Author ISBN
George Washington 9780866119139
Fossils Tell Of Long Ago (Let's-Read-And-Find-Out Science 2) Aliki 9780690048292
Giant Shark: Megalodon, Prehistoric Super Predator Caroline Arnold; Laurie Caple 9780395914199
Mr Popper's Penguins Richard Atwater 9780881031201
The Dragon Princess (Tales Of The Frog Princess) E.D. Baker 9781599901947
Peter And The Starcatchers Dave Barry; Ridley Pearson 9780786854455
Shark Life: True Stories About Sharks & The Sea Peter Benchley 9780385901352
The Fairy Tale Detectives (The Sisters Grimm, Book 1) Michael Buckley 9780810959255
Lunch Money Andrew Clements 9780689866852
Room One: A Mystery Or Two Andrew Clements 9780689866869
The School Story Andrew Clements 9780439814072
A Week In The Woods Andrew Clements 9780439531085
Gregor The Overlander (Underland Chronicles) Suzanne Collins 9780439678131
Rocks And Fossils (Usborne Nature Trail) Barbara Cork 9780860207658
Trapped In Pharaoh's Tomb (Daring Adventure) Peter Reese Doyle 9781561791439
The Kids Campfire Book: Official Book Of Campfire Fun (Family Fun) Jane Drake 9781550744545
Fawn And The Mysterious Trickster (A Stepping Stone Book(Tm)) Laura Driscoll 9780736425070
Mandy (Julie Andrews Collection) Julie Andrews Edwards 9780061207075
Metamorphic Rock (Geology Rocks!) Rebecca Faulkner 9781410927491
Minerals (Geology Rocks!) Rebecca Faulkner 9781410927507
Soil (Geology Rocks!) Rebecca Faulkner 9781410927538
Dragon Rider Cornelia Funke 9780439456951
Mrs. Bunny's Day Off TEDDY GAUTIER 9780700970025
My Side Of The Mountain Jean George 9780525450306
Bigfoot (X Science: An Imagination Library Series) Jacqueline Laks Gorman 9780836831979
The Wind In The Willows Kenneth Grahame 9780590434041
Cleopatra Vii: Daughter Of The Nile, Egypt, 57 B.C. (The Royal Diaries) Kristiana Gregory 9780590819756
Eleanor: Crown Jewel Of Aquitaine Kristiana Gregory 9780439164849
The Royal Diaries: Catherine: The Great Journey, Russia, 1743 Kristiana Gregory 9780439253857
Marley John Grogan 9780061755767
Princess Academy Shannon Hale 9781599900735
Smithsonian Handbooks: Gemstones (Smithsonian Handbooks (Sagebrush)) Cally Hall 9780613530880
Tales Of The Cryptids: Mysterious Creatures That May Or May Not Exist (Darby Creek Publishing) Kelly Milner Halls 9781581960495
The People Could Fly: American Black Folktales Virginia Hamilton 9780679843368
Caving (Radical Sports) Chris Howes 9781588106261
The Princess And The Unicorn Carol Hughes 9780375855627
Warriors #1: Into The Wild (Warriors) Erin Hunter 9780060525507
Second Chance (Left Behind: The Kids #2) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842321945
The Vanishings (Left Behind: The Kids #1) Jerry B. Jenkins; Tim LaHaye 9780842321938
A Tale Of Time City jones
The Pinhoe Egg: A Chrestomanci Book Diana Wynne Jones 9780061131240
The Other k.a. applegate
The Sickness k.a. applegate
The Suspicion k.a. applegate
The Mystery Of The Glowing Eye (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, No 51) Carolyn Keene 9780448095516
Trails Of Treachery (Nancy Drew: All New Girl Detective #25) Carolyn Keene 9781416935247
The Witch Tree Symbol (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, No 33) Carolyn Keene 9780448095332
Tales From Jabba's Palace kevin anderson
The Jungle Book R. Kipling 9781855873131
From The Mixed-Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler: 35th Anniversary Edition E. L. Konigsburg 9780689853227
Big Snakes: Hunters Of The Night (Animals After Dark) Elaine Landau 9780766027695
The Capture (Guardians Of Ga'hoole, Book 1) Kathryn Lasky 9780439405577
The Coming Of Hoole (Guardians Of Ga'hoole, Book 10) Kathryn Lasky 9780439795692
The Golden Tree (Guardians Of Ga'hoole, Book 12) Kathryn Lasky 9780439888066
The Royal Diaries: Jahanara: Princess Of Princesses, India, 1627 Kathryn Lasky 9780439223508
George Washington Marian Leighton 9781603401029
Fairest Gail Carson Levine 9780060734084
Sharks (Informania) Christopher Maynard 9780744577082
Nzingha: Warrior Queen Of Matamba, Angola, Africa, 1595 (The Royal Diaries) Patricia McKissack 9780439112109
Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess, Russia, 1914 (The Royal Diaries) Carolyn Meyer 9780439129084
Life On An Everest Expedition Patricia D. Netzley 9781560067924
Charlie Bone And The Beast (Children Of The Red King, Book 6) Jenny Nimmo 9780439846653
Charlie Bone And The Castle Of Mirrors (Children Of The Red King Book 4) Jenny Nimmo 9780439545280
Charlie Bone And The Hidden King (Children Of The Red King Book 5) Jenny Nimmo 9780439545303
Charlie Bone And The Invisible Boy (The Children Of The Red King, Book 3) Jenny Nimmo 9780439545266
Charlie Bone And The Time Twister (The Children Of The Red King, Book 2) Jenny Nimmo 9780439496872
Black Pearl o'dell
Island Of The Blue Dolphins (Illustrated) Scott O'Dell 9780395536803
The Black Pearl Scott O'Dell
Exploring Earth's Treasures (Eyes On Adventure Series) Don Olson 9781561564859
Spies: The Undercover World Of Secrets, Gadgets And Lies David Owen 9781552977958
Brisingr paolini
Eldest paolini
Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1) Christopher Paolini 9780375826689
Spy (Dk Eyewitness Books) Richard Platt 9780756650346
Spy (Dk Eyewitness Books) Richard Platt 9780756650353
Some Merry Adventures Of Robin Hood Howard Pyle
The Loch Ness Monster (An Easy-Read Fact Book) Ellen Rabinowich; Sally Law 9780531022740
American Women RAPPAPORT 9780465940066
Harry Houdini: Master Magician (Book Report Biographies) Dana Meachen Rau 9780531115992
The Bfg roald dahl
Eye Of The Hurricane (The Ladd Family Adventure Series #9) Lee Roddy 9781561792207
Peril At Pirate's Point (The Ladd Family Adventure Series #7) Lee Roddy 9781561791361
Stranded On Terror Island Lee Roddy 9781561794829
The Earth (Inside And Out) Angela Royston 9781575721798
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Newt Scamander 9780439295017
National Geographic Readers Sharks! (Readers) ANNE SCHREIBER 9781426302886
Good The Bad & The Goofy (Time Warp Trio) Jon Scieszka 9780670843800
See You Later, Gladiator (Time Warp Trio) Jon Scieszka 9780670893409
Viking It And Liking It (Time Warp Trio) Jon Scieszka 9780670899180
The River Gods Michael Scott 9780946887217
Internet Safety Josepha. Sherman 9780531121658
Fairy Dust Jane Denitz Smith 9780060292799
We The People Lb Peter Spier 9780385237895
Fossils (True Books: Earth Science) Ann O. Squire 9780516225043
Gemstones (True Books: Earth Science) Ann O. Squire 9780516223391
Little Pioneer Girl Paper Doll (Dover Little Activity Books) Barbara Steadman 9780486295190
Revenge Of The Sith :star Wars Episode 3 Matthew Stover
Who Was Harry Houdini? (Who Was...?) Tui Sutherland 9780448426860
Dragonfly And The Web Of Dreams (The Fairy Chronicles) J. H. Sweet 9781402208737
Marigold And The Feather Of Hope, The Journey Begins (The Fairy Chronicles) J. H. Sweet 9781402208720
Periwinkle And The Cave Of Courage (The Fairy Chronicles) J. H. Sweet 9781402210266
Spiderwort And The Princess Of Haiku (The Fairy Chronicles) J. H. Sweet 9781402210259
Bully-Be-Gone Brian Tacang
Experiments With Rocks And Minerals (True Books) Salvatore Tocci 9780516225074
Rocks, Gems, And Minerals (Watts Library: Earth Science) Trudi Strain Trueit 9780531121955
Philosophical Foundations Of Probability Theory (International Library Of Philosophy) Roy Weatherford 9780710090027
A Horse Of Her Own Annie Wedekind 9780312369279
Gaal The Conqueror: The Archives Of Anthropos John White 9780877845911
The Sword Bearer (The Archives Of Anthropos) John White 9780877845904
Before Green Gables Budge Wilson 9780399154683
The Ancient Greek Olympics Richard Woff 9780195215816
Dragon Of The Lost Sea Laurence Yep 9780844668161