April 6, 2010

Thinking about WordPress

I have been thinking after 6 years it might be time to change servers. I am thinking about moving over to Word Press. I would likely need to change my domain which I am not sure how I feel about after all this time. In a way this feels like home and in another way it feels like it is time to move forward and onward.

Anyone have experience switching? Are you glad you did? I don't want to lose people or all the work I have built up. At the same time I would like the freedom and extra customization that word press provides.


  1. I probably would have stayed with wordpress except that they didn't allow widgets that used Java. No advertising on your blog, or even a number of interactive widgets that I would have liked to have used. That's why I ended up back at Blogger.

    Every time I moved my blog, it took a lot of time to build up my readership again. I'm still working on it at Blogger. I wish I'd just stayed with Blogger from the start.

    If you do move, look into programs that will convert your blog posts. I found a program to convert it from wordpress to blogger, I'm sure there's one to do it in reverse.

    But I'll definitely read you, wherever you post. :)

  2. Thank you for your feedback! I did not realize the no advertising thing and I actually do a fair amount of ads and product reviews etc here so that could be a problem. I played around with a wordpress import and was happy to realize it worked so smoothly but I am not yet convinced. Maybe I just need to take the time to do another kind of template. I made this custom one a few years ago and I think it just feels cramped to me. Maybe it is time to just change things up here.

    I like all the extra options and widgets and freedom that wordpress offers but not sure if it is worth the hassle and work that will go into it, especially realizing I can no longer advertise. Does that still apply if you choose to self host on your own domain do you know?

    Thanks for your feedback and for keeping up with me all these years. I enjoy reading your blog and being connected to you on FB as well :)

  3. I think for now I have decided to stay with blogger and just gave the blog a face lift and added some new widgets. Thanks for the feedback.