April 12, 2010

Piano Lessons

I want my children to have some musical ability as well as an ability to appreciate music.  I know that is one skill set that I can not offer them, a skill that has to be outsourced in their education for them.  A good family friend is an excellent piano player and he decided to start offering lessons in the summer between his junior and high school years and Ciaran decided he wanted to take lessons from him.  It ended up being a perfect fit for him and eventually we added both Sirah and Maria to the lessons.  He goes a nice job with the kids and is very patient both with them and with me.  I am not a great mom/teacher in this area.  I do not force practice, I do not withhold privelage or even require much, I suppose I am lazy about piano.  I decided this was not going to be something we fought about at all.

So our piano teacher is very patient with the fact that the kids progress may be slower than he might prefer and I do not have high expectations of what he will accomplish with them.  He is an excellent teacher and if my kids would practice more they would progress more but for some reason this is one of those subjects I just do not feel the need to push them in.  Just like sports I feel I need to provide them with the opportunities and ability to practice and enhance their skills but then just let them set the pace.  I am glad they all have the opportunity to learn from a teacher who is patient with them and willing to meet them where they are at, no matter the pace they are moving at.

Next year our piano teacher will go off to college and we will be at a loss as we try to find someone else to continue their lessons if they desire.  I am not going to worry about that now and just enjoy watching them learn and progress right now through the remainder of the summer.   I am thankful they have the opportunity to learn in a stress free environment with a great teacher.

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