June 14, 2009

Swim Meet and Summer Update

Seems I have fallen into a slow pattern of just once a month updating here, I can't seem to let it completely go yet life has taken me in so many other busy directions. Right now it seems we are constantly in the car or at a sporting event of the kids, tis the season I suppose. Someday normalcy whatever that is will resume.

Tonight I write after a long weekend of early mornings and hours at a swim meet. It was Maria's first competitive swim meet against other swim squads in the state. She had a great first meet. She swam in 5 individual events and one relay. In her individual heats she placed 1 in the 50free, 2 in the backstroke and butterfly and 3rd in breaststroke in 100free, each race had 8 swimmers. We are still awaiting her overall placement after all the heats were added up for all 30 or so swimmers in her level. For a first meet she could not have done better or had a better experience. It was so great to be a part of. Even her grandfather from NY was in to watch her performance.

As a mom it was a bit nerve wracking for me to sit in the bleachers and wonder how it would all turn out. After her first race (2nd in her backstroke heat) she relaxed and was all smiles after being a ball of nerves and worries nearly all week. When the meet was over it was wonderful to see how pleased she was with her results and all the work she had put into this sport in the few months she has been swimming with a swim team. Her final results will not be as high as her heat scores as she was swimming in an easier heat than others at her level and their times were better than hers, still she set some great initial times for her to work from and move forward with swimming.

One thing was clear as we left the meet, she is now hooked and has felt a taste of competition and reward for all her hard work and she intends to build on this and work hard moving forward to improve. It will be great fun to be along for the ride.

In other kid news Ciaran is winding down a great baseball season, 3 games left this week and then playoffs while Grandma and Grandpa from Maine visit. It has been a great year of learning for him, the improvements from last year to this are remarkable. He hit into the outfield last game and was very excited, he plays infield more than outfield now even with the even rotations his coaches try to use and he can easily make the 3rd to first throw consistently and strongly. Considering last year he did not want to stand in the batters box for fear of getting hit and struck out almost as often as he grounded to the infield the improvements are amazing. He is older and more mature and also more interested in playing, but he is out there practicing every day with me, Serona, or anyone who will have a catch with him. I am glad he is loving baseball and has such a great coach and fun team this year.

Sirah is starting swimming lessons again. She is taking private lessons this time around and is loving her instructor. Our goal is to have her independently swimming by the end of the month so it will be a more relaxing summer for us all. She loves being in the water and is doing well but needs to gain more confidence. When asked about what sport she would like to do next she runs the gammet from karate to Irish step dancing to swim team or rock climbing. It will be fun to let her try out all the things that interest her and see what she settles into.

Life is very busy right now and I feel like we live at the pool, baseball field and in the minivan but I would not trade it for anything, life is wonderful and I love doing all these things with my kids. I am glad we have taken a break from school and can settle into relaxing this summer.