April 8, 2010

Book Lists

Books.  We love books here in this house.  I have made a commitment to trying to update our book lists.  It may take some time but slowly I will get them updated.  Below you will find the winter/spring of last school year.  I am still trying to find my fall list which seems to be hiding somewhere on one of my backup drives.  When I find it I will publish it as well.  I also have current school year reading lists which will be updated every now and again and finalized this summer.

About my book lists.  These lists are not necessarily recommendations and certainly not a list of "age-appropriate" books for all kids.  These lists are simply a record of all the books my kids read for school and pleasure over the course of their school year.  I keep these for our records.  I keep these lists because I always try to remember the name of "that great book I read when I was 9" now and have no record of it and a bad memory.  So I wanted my kids to have a list of all the books they read when they were younger. I realize the list will not be complete, I often miss a book before we return it to the library or the kids forget to put some of their books in the "read to be recorded" basket we have.  Sometimes I get repeats as my kids read their favorites over and over again.  I try to catch them but I don't worry too much if they are listed more than once.   I figure this will at least give my kids a pretty good idea of what they read over the course of the years.

Somewhere along the way in blogging I started posting my lists here and people really enjoyed them.  So I kept going. It became tedious for a time, so I stopped because I found an easy way to keep track of our books personally but it was not easy to fit in a blog format.  I will try to go back and add those lists as time allows.  I am not going to clean up all my old lists though, which were done once a month and are more tedious to read.  They can still be found though on my book list page on the side right nav bar.  I received many emails or comments asking me to please share my lists again.  So here they are.  The outstanding, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Feel free to share links to your favorite books or list some in the comments, we are always looking for good books here.  If you don't care to read the book lists that is fine just skim down a few posts to see the other recent content.


  1. Wow! Thanks so much. I am definitely a Book List fan. I always get new ideas from your lists.

    I haven't read through these lists yet, but my 10 year old is in love with the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage. Your kids might enjoy them as well.

  2. I loved clicking over to your blog and seeing your reading lists.

    Thanks for sticking around and reading all these years.