December 21, 2006

Christmas Ornaments

Gorwing up my parents started a family tradition that we have continued. Each year at Christmastime every member of the family received a new ornament for the tree. When we moved out of the house and started our own tree we received all our own ornaments. It was a nice way to have a base for our own family tree. We started it with our own children and on vacations we try to buy an ornament as well to remember the time. This year we actually began marking their ornaments in some way because I already have a hard time remembering whose is whose and it has only been 7 years so far!

Instead of overcrowding our tree over time some of the ornaments break and we just thin some out. We love the tradition. We started by picking ornaments for the kids and then took some years where we let them pick their own but I think we are going back to picking for them - something that represents each of them for that year. And is not a very large and bright red bird that we have this year at Sirah's request. It is a fun and relatively cheap tradition that brings joy each year and can be passed on through the years to our children as they move away and begin their own tradition.

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  1. Great to see some traditions carry on. I wish we had done a better job of marking them like you are. Send pictures of your tree

    Family Forever