January 14, 2009

Living the Good Life

I am very spoiled and I can admit it. I am so blessed with a good life that I thank God and my family for it each day. Today was one of those days when I was acutely aware of how very blessed I am. We woke up to -20 degree weather but I was hot under all my blankets in a well heated home. I rolled back over and snuggled up to Serona until the second alarm went off and he got up, then Sirah came down and joined me in bed where we chatted and snuggled for a bit. I went upstairs to find my other two children up and in good moods as I had freshly baked scones waiting for them (that I baked at midnight last night when I could not sleep). We all enjoyed breakfast and prayed with Serona before he headed off to work. As I watched my husband get into the car and head off in subzero weather I was so thankful that he does that every day for us, even though he does not love his job he goes every day to provide such a good life for our family.

The kids and I gradually got out of PJ's and picked up the house a bit before we started school. We have house cleaners come in and do all the heavy cleaning for me twice a month and today was the day. I thought about how blessed I am when I was downstairs listening to Sirah read to me while someone else was upstairs cleaning our home for us. The kids and I had a great school day and Ciaran was even excited to read his new book Coraline and he sat on the chair nearby and read for over a half hour without any complaint. Maria made a video about mythical and magical creatures, her first attempt at a video based assignment and it turned out fantastic, and she had fun while she did it. Sirah wrote a story about whales and was very proud of her first attempt at reading Dr. Suess Hop on Pop.

After school the kids had some quiet time and I caught up on bills and news for a half hour until our groceries were delivered. Another moment when I knew I was spoiled. This morning I decided we really needed groceries, we were completely out of fruit, soy milk and bread, true essentials in our home. It was -20 degrees outside and Serona had our car (we are a one car family) so I was thinking we were stuck when I remembered one of the stores provides same day delivery for online grocery orders, 4 hours after I ordered the groceries from the comfort of my couch someone arrived to deliver me all my groceries and I never stepped foot outside in the cold.

I spent some time playing "my little pony" with Sirah on the floor of her bedroom, we celebrated the ponies Christmas, held a concert, had a gymnastic contest and watched the ponies ice skate, have a concert and make new friends. While we were doing this Ciaran was playing Shaun White on Wii and Maria was finishing reading her new Chrissa books. Then we played a few hands of the card game Blink that we all enjoy while dinner (stuffed shells) was cooking. Sirah and Ciaran and I made dinner together and enjoyed playing the game while we waited. The kids practiced their bible memory verses for church tonight and we enjoyed dinner.

Serona came home after a hard day at work, he quickly ate dinner and got ready to head back out less than a half hour after he arrived home to get the kids to church. I realized how great of a man he is to be willing to do that for us. To be able to not have to go to an office every day to work is such an amazing gift, to be able to homeschool my kids is a blessing and privilege I treasure, to have someone come in and clean my home and deliver my groceries while I stay in the comfort of my home reading good books to my kids, well that is a treasure that goes beyond anything I could ever ask for and why I say I am spoiled and blessed beyond what I could have ever dreamed of.

Homeschool dads (or moms who work outside the home) do so very much to make this lifestyle possible for all the rest of the family and they hardly ever get the credit that the stay at home educator does, yet without them nothing would be possible. I am truly thankful for Serona and very aware that it is his willingness to go to work every day and his hard work that makes this special lifestyle all possible. Thank you Serona for all you do for us!

I am also very aware of the hand of God in our lives and how His blessing on us makes this all not only possible but wonderful. By God's grace I am able to stay home full time with my children, educate them and just be with them. Not only do I have that privilege but I have been granted other blessings to make that a bit easier. To often this past year I have focused on the negative, the difficulties of living and home educating with chronic pain and a traveling husband, the time demands of three young children and being together all the time. Yet these very things are such amazing gifts and blessings that make my lifestyle and all its gifts possible. I am truly thankful to my Lord and to Serona and my kids for giving me the privilege of living the good life I do.

Enjoy your life and its many blessings today


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Two in a row....are you really back?? Good post. I also am very grateful for my husband and thank God frequently for his great job that he does not love that provides for me to stay home.

  2. Three days in a row now I hate to say yes and disappoint you but for now we are back in the groove and I am editing rather than writing my book so have more hours in a day.

  3. I have have chronic pain as well and I was just feeling a little sorry for myself. Thanks for the reminder of how I am spoiled too. :) I need to try that having groceries delivered thing. It would be good for preventing pain.