May 4, 2010

Ready to Be Done

It is now May and I am very ready to be done.  The kids are as well and this year for the first time ever in our homeschooling we will not be finished up during the first two weeks of May.  We simply took too much time in the beginning and middle off.  We have neighbors who decided to homeschool this year and we did year round sports for the first time as well as having three full time students for the first time.  So we will continue through the month of May.  We are down to half days so it is not so bad but we are all ready to be done, which makes focus a problem for everyone involved.  I think everyone is a bit crabby with each other too and ready to be outside more.

We have tried a few days of outdoor schooling but sometimes it is harder to focus and keep going as we are easily distracted by all the interesting things going on in nature all around us.  These next few weeks will be challenging for us all but the promise of freedom to come in just a few more weeks will keep us all on task.  I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel but right about now I am not feeling or seeing it.

In just a few months I will be longing for the order and structure that school brings our days and lives.  Today however I am longing for a day where I don't feel the desire to duct tape my kids to their seats so I might hold their attention for more than a few moments at a time and we could just buckle down and finish off these lessons and books.  Come on summer you are almost here.


  1. Amen - except we always have school in the summer. Especially this year with the great Chicken Pox debacle in September. GAH!

  2. I am ready to be finished as well. Just three more weeks for us and then we're free!

  3. This focus problem is not just for home schooling. Even in the classroom, the kids eyes drift out the window. I find myself asking questions like: "are you with me?" I've been trying to find ways to make lessons involve being interactive outside, but it is not always easy. From one teacher to another, I say hang in there! :)