July 14, 2010

Moments of a Mom

Ciaran said to me "Sometimes I feel like something is missing and then I climb in your lap and snuggle and nothing is missing anymore"  then he climbed into my lap and stayed there for over an hour.  He asked to stay up late next to me reading and feel asleep with his head in my lap.  What more beautiful moment could I want with my 9 year old son?

Sirah has been dressing up a lot with the neighbors and has entered her  English queen accent phase.  I remember when Maria was in this stage too.  Funny how they both ended up there.  She asked me just to lay with her last night until she feel asleep because it is calming and comforting to her.  She has taken to telling me I am her queen and how beautiful I am.  She has been especially noticing my hair and asking to braid it or play with it.

Maria has a birthday coming up and is in the pushing boundaries stage but still she and I had a several hour long heart to heart one morning before anyone else was up.  Sitting on the couch in the living room and then in her bed talking on all sorts of topics and hopefully setting groundwork for these kinds of conversations all through the teenage years I thought about how much I am still enjoying our changing relationship.  Time with me, especially undivided time is still very important to her.  While I can no longer simply touch her and make the crying stop like when she was a baby I know that being there for her is the most comforting thing I can give her now.

"Your presence is soothing" - yes it is a Star Wars quote but one I often here from Serona.  He just wants me around in the same room and near to him even when he is playing a video game or reading a book, engaged in a solo hobby he says it is better if I am just there with him.

It is good to be wanted so by so many people.  I used to find it demanding and a bit draining, like everyone wants something all the time.  Now though I look at it differently.  I really am thankful they all want me around so much and that I really make a difference in their lives as they do in mine.  I suppose it is easier now that no one needs to nurse or have their diapers changed and they can entertain themselves on their own when needed.  Still it is if something in me switched and I realized not everyone has this sort of relationship with their spouse and kids and it is something I love about who we are.  I realize the time is fleeting and maybe that makes it easier to embrace.

This weekend there were moments when everyone needed something and it felt like all I was doing was pouring out.  Even Serona commmented on it and complimented me on it and I thought these are the moments that make up being a wife and mother and I am so very thankful for them.  Too many moments to share but just a glimpse into my moments.  Enjoy yours today.


  1. Thank you for this post... I really needed to hear this today. It brought me encouragement. I am a Momma of three (my youngest is a newborn) and I am constantly pouring out. My fear is that I will not have enough energy to invest in each of my children and my beloved husband but you have reminded me that it is the simple things that they remember most. Snuggle time in bed reading books, moments where we talk about anything and everything, or just being in the same room. Thanks again and God bless.

  2. they all add up to a beautiful, full life....

    I'd love to go visit a day when all my children were young and home....
    once again, like Our Town.

    Loving the moment. the present.
    it's really the most joyous way to live, don't you think?

  3. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Ohhh thank you for this! I really needed what feels like the opposite to my perspective on my family. They do feel draining at times, and because my DH is 'Mr. Fun' and I am 'Queen Mean' (because I enforce), I feel like they DON'T want my presence. But I love them so dearly and completely. I WILL look for these moments. I do love it when my five year old comes up and hugs me around my hips, even when I am holding hot pots. I relish in the snuggles of my 15mo when she buries her face in my neck. My 10 yo is hitting puberty and - oh my - we struggle at times. But she still wants to be in my bed before Papa comes home. And I love the inquisitive conversations my 8yo begins, and I love his creativity.
    Thanks again - for the moment to realize MY moments!

  4. I love the way you honor all of your children and how they are growing and changing. I see my daughter growing and becoming her own person, and I hope that I can be as open to her as you seem to be with your children. Thank you for this.


  5. It's such a wonderful feeling when they actually want to spend time with you and not push you away as their grownup selves like to do. Always a good feeling.

    I'm curious about a few aspects of your blog. Wondering how you got your page to fill out the whole screen. I'm on a wider laptop and it fills the screen, while my own blog just hovers in the small center. Would like it to automatically stretch with a person's computer. Also, how did you get pics in your 'recent posst' on the right? Can't find that feature in my blogger. Thanks in advance for your input.