October 4, 2010

Homeschooling Sick

Homeschooling when sick is not really fun but it is workable, especially since we are rarely all sick at the same time.  We just tend to put everything else on hold and cocoon together and get our work done.  Occasionally a person gets an entire sick day with nothing to do, though it is fairly rare since most of them can still read when they are sick.  Last week we had a few true sick days and it was hard to keep the other kids on task when one spent the day watching movies and napping.  Then of course they suddenly feel to terrible to school themselves, or so they say.  Then I have to decide who is really sick and who is trying to get out of school, all while I don't feel great myself.

This week we are slowly getting back on track to a regular schedule.  All of our activities have started so our evenings are full as well.  We are still on track - moving into 5th lessons after 4 weeks of schooling - so that is good overall.  Overall I try to plan for somewhere between 30 and 35 weeks of lessons per subject.  Some years we do a few more and some years we do a few less.  Some weeks we double up on lessons and other weeks we take off, in the end it all seems to work out.

I do have to admit I enjoy this time of year when we still feel on track.  I do know we will be off track not that far into the future but I try not to think of it as a track because Jan-March is when majority of our schooling takes place.  After all what else is there to do in the cold of the Minnesota winter and snow?


  1. My kids laugh about being sickto theri school friends....

    Being hmeschooled means no "real" sick days unless u are completely beside yourself withillness and of course