January 17, 2012

What our kids teach us

This morning listening to Sara Groves with my youngest I was struck by how much our kids teach us.   Sara sings about this in many of her songs and Sirah was asking me about it today.   We discussed some of the many things my kids have taught me and the others they help me to remember.  I am a teacher in many ways and all good teachers know we always are learning from unique places.  Life is full of teachable moments and as much as I talk about the teachable moments I share with my kids I rarely talk about what they teach me.  The list is to numerous to fully share but this year my goal is to share more of these things. 

I am truly blessed to be the mother of these great kids, it is an awesome privelage.   One I can too easily overlook if I am not careful.  This year has helped me to realize it even more as I watch each of them deal with challenges and trials that life throws at them individually and us as a family.  It has not been our easiest year, still it has been a great year in its own way.  Rarely do you stop and take time to truly assess what you love and what is important to you, what your core values are and what hills you will die on, even rarer is when the whole family is asked to do it at the same time. 

It is good to discover the common ground of family priorities.  As a family we have some clarity about what is important to us. Many things were confirmed for us this year: the desire to have a parent home full time with the kids, home schooling really is our way of life, swimming is much more than just a sport of choice for our family, we truly value Awana, we love our neighborhood, home and overall general way of life, we can get by on much less.  Home is really where we all are.  Location does not matter, being together and supporting and loving each other through the challenges, that is what matters. My children have taught me so much this year.  

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