April 10, 2012

Scope and Sequence

As I sit at my computer today I find myself doing a task I knew was coming but still seems to have snuck up from behind.  Today I started working on Maria's Scope and Sequence for junior and senior high.  Maria and I had a great talk today about goals and paths to achieve them.  We started to talk about how the rest of this year should look and more importantly how the next 6 years will look.  Seems appropriate at this midpoint to begin giving her more choice and control, within boundaries of course.

As of now Maria plans to home school through her first two years of high school and then take advantage of the PSEO opportunity here in Minnesota to dual enroll at a community college as a high school student and to finish whatever else she still needs to at home.  We have begun outside the home classes this year for Spanish and next year she will likely do a few online science and humanities classes through either EPGY or CTY.  Still we need to plan out the overall plan including CLEP, AP, PSEO, online, home school classes and internships. I did not realize how enjoyable I would find this process.

Starting next year we will keep a portfolio of work and complete reading lists, along with service projects and extra curriculars.  I figure it is easier to start with the end in mind and collect more than we may need than to be scrambling at the end to pull it all together for college applications.  We are starting with the high school sequence that we believe will be best for her and working backwards to make sure it all will work out.  Of course there can be some flexibility and changes along the way as needed but it is exciting to think about and begin to plan.  Maria has some big goals and some clear approaches to try to achieve them, it will be fun and exciting to be part of the process and to help guide her through these years and see where her path lies and the journey she takes to get there.

Here's to fun tables, charts, book lists, and getting to research and buy new curriculum.  Always fun :)

Kiss those babies!

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