February 26, 2014

Time is Funny

Serona asked me the other day if I still blog and I said "No, I don't have time anymore."  He said "Yes you have time."  It got me to thinking, I suppose I still have the same amount of time but I regularly choose to fill it with different things these days.

I think back to years ago when I was publishing our monthly reading lists and people asked how I could possibly read that much aloud to my kids and I kept thinking "How could I not, why does this seem so hard to people?"  Now I look back and realize it was all about prioritization.  Reading aloud to my kids was my highest priority and the one thing I always said Yes! to.  Now they all read on their own and I am so thankful for that time we had together.

I started reading a book aloud for Sirah this week.  I will often read the first chapter of a new book aloud for her.  She gets more interested in the book this way and feels more comfortable with the names and vocabulary and rhythm of the book after just listening to one chapter.  I started reading The Candyshop Wars aloud and my other kids soon trickled in, even though they are 12 and 14 and have both read the book.  We sat there for two hours with them just listening to me read aloud and them begging at the end of each chapter for just one more.  It made me realize read alouds have always been important to them as well and still are.

Life is different now to be sure.  The demands of high school Chemistry, Algebra 2, fiddle, mandolin, art lessons, competitive swim team, church and friends all seem to pull on my kids and my driving schedule.  I also work outside the home now, well over 20 hours a week sometimes approaching 30.  Life is busy and time seems different.

Today I woke at 4:30am - very unusual for me - and could not fall back asleep.  So here I am taking a minute to touch base here.  Yes I am busy but this blog will always be a part of me - even when time is funny.

I hope you find time to prioritize whatever is important to you today and never forget to Kiss those babies!

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