August 11, 2008

Book Lists are Up

I finally posted our reading lists to the blog. I used to keep monthly posts but the work was tedious and time consuming, now I keep the monthly records on my harddrive and add them to my blog yearly. Here is a compiled list of all the books read this school year. I keep fairly good records because I use a good software package and own a personal barcode scanner similar to this one. We have a book bin that everyone places read books into then once a week I scan the books into the software which keeps seperate files for each individual for each month of the year. At the end of the school year I compile the lists and have great records of the amount of reading done through the year.

We do read a lot as a family. The different lists show books that are age appropriate for each student, so Ciaran's books are much shorter than Rhiannons, and our family read aloud list consists mostly of library storybooks read to Sirah. I really enjoy keeping these records and often get emails about our reading lists so I thought I would post them again.

A note about the lists, there are good books in here and bad books. The kids did not love every book on this list. The lists include school books assigned by me, books they chose to read for pleasure and various other books read throughout the year. My kids read at different grade levels and the list is likely not appropriate for all kids their grade level. Some of our very favorites are on this list as well. I tried to remove some of the repeats but certainly did not catch them all. Hope you enjoy them.


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