August 8, 2008

Summer Days

So much for being more consistent this summer. It has been two months since I blogged. We are having a very different summer as my back limitations are still there. In addition we have had a variety of normal summer kid injuries. Right now Ciaran has a cast and unfortunately it is NOT a waterproof cast so we are all missing out on some of the best swimming weather. The cast should come off in two more weeks.

Yesterday we had a great summer day. We headed to our local nature center and hikes. We collected 6 toads and a leopard frog and saw a variety of butterflies. Then we headed over to the arboretum and sketched a variety of flowers, trees, and shrubs. We had some yummy custard at a favorite custard shop and came home to eat dinner on the deck.

After dinner the girls jumped on the trampoline, Ciaran read his new Boba Fett book in the hammock and Serona and I read on the deck. Then the kids moved to the swingset, Serona to the hammock and I laid on our patio furniture. It was perfect temperature and a lovely Minnesota summer evening.

I've just begun thinking about next school year, scheduling field trips and the like. Not ready to pull the books off the shelf quite yet. Pretty sure this will be a late start school year for us since we have had such a different school year. I think we will enjoy summer until the weather turns and brings us indoors. This year Rhia will be in 4th grade, Ciaran 2nd and Sirah will start some Kindergarten work as interested. Enjoy the summer before it flies by~

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