February 25, 2009

Our day

Yesterday was a lovely homeschool day. We started with book work and the younger two created a historical puppet show of Sparta Greece with paper bag puppets they created and a stage they made from our couch and a white sheet. They chose to reinact the story of the young Sparta boy who lets the fox chew his stomach rather than admit to the soldier he is in pain and the story began and ended with the boy and his mother, reminding us that he was to come home with his shield or on it. They were very proud of their work and reenacted it that night for Serona.

The older two had an art class we recently started, several families have joined together and the moms take turns teaching a drop off art class each week. Yesterday they worked on clay sculpting and studied how to have appropriate facial proportioning. They both seemed to enjoy it but we will not see the work from that class until next week as it is still drying. I will teach nature sketching to the class when it is my turn.

Sirah who is 5 read to me from her current book and we painted some signs for an upcoming stand we plan to have. We enjoyed our brief time outside in wonderful 40 degree weather hardly remembering it is winter in MN.

It was a nice day filled with good homeschool moments.

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  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    It was a wonderful homeschool day in Minnesota for sure...we spent the day on the hills of Afton Alps enjoying the warmth and wonderful sunshine!