March 2, 2009

A good week

Last week felt like a great homeschool week. We went on nature walks, visited the nature preserve, did some sketching, hiking and even some sledding. The kids were very interested in history and science and book work went off fairly well with the usual groans about handwriting or math depending on the assignment.

Some highlights. They learned to use Google SketchUp which they were very excited for and made a few first 3d sketches each. Maria made an audio recording of all she knew about the different types of rocks we are studying in geology. I recorded Sirah learning how to solve the Rubiks Cube. Ciaran mastered writing creative stories all on his own. Sirah and Ciaran really enjoyed our history studies as we finished off Greece and Maria discovered she really enjoys decimals more than fractions. Serona took the kids on an Owl Prowl where they saw a barred owl up very close, dissected owl pellets and went for a walk in the woods. Ciaran mopped up what was left of me in a near three hour game of Risk. We discovered some good documentaries on Netflix streaming and got into a new season of Digging for the Truth and Rough Science, next up will be MythBusters and of course some Wii was played. Current favorite games of choice in the house: Dance Dance Revolution, WiiFit and Star Wars Lightsaber Duels.

This week is already feeling full and it is just Monday. Art class, homeschool cooperative, having a new homeschool family over to get the kids together and have her look at all my supplies, dinner guests and somewhere in there we will get school done. The weather is supposed to improve again as well so I anticipate some more outdoor adventures will be on the docket as well. Just enjoying Minnesota in March and trying to ignore everyone else saying "Lion or Lamb?" because in Minnesota we don't ask that question until April - yes we still get snow in April sometimes. Enjoy your March wherever you are.

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