July 29, 2009

Book Lists and Library Fees

Yesterday I wrote a $30 check to my local library for overdue fees. Since the fees are either .10 or .30 cents a day you can realize how many books we had out that we kept too long. I used to begrudge the fee and I will concede off the bat it would be better if I did not return the books late and was able to keep my library use free but in the end I am willing to joyfully pay my late fees because the library provides such a wonderful service to my family and our community at large. There have been times as a family we have had upwards of 100 books out at a time, we typically have about 30-40 out at a time. Our 10 year old daughter represents half of that total alone before the rest of us start, we had to impose a you can check out what you can carry in your arms no bag rule only to watch her still stack 17 books high and walk out the door!

Who am I to argue with a love of books and I am just so thankful the library provides me with a nearly endless supply of them for all the voracious readers in our household. I have had questions if I will be publishing my book lists and the answer is yes - now I only do them once a year, I used to do them monthly but it became too time consuming and I found a software program that keeps track of everything for me so I don't have as much work anymore. So yes the book lists for this past year 4th, 2nd and K will be forthcoming sometime in the next few weeks. Better get them up before I start next years lists right?


  1. I, for one, have loved your book lists for years.

    I like your post because I just paid a late fee at the library and was fussing at my girls to make sure their books get back in the Library Box when they finish. I should be more thankful that they love to read and not sweat the small stuff.

  2. I pop by your blog often for inspiration and encouragment but I rarely post a comment. I had to giggle when I read this post as it reminds me of our library trips.

    Our library is an invaluable resource to our homeschooling. We too often check out upwards of 50 or more books. My oldest son reads whenever he has a spare moment and we read aloud to the children at night.

    When we first starting encountering staggering library fees I would grin and bear it and mutter to myself to be more diligent about marking when our books are due. Then one day I came to the realization that the library offers such an amazing service to us this is our way of helping them out in a warped kind of way. Now I smile as I write out a check for $15 and thank them for all of their hard work. They know us by name and pull up our file even before I get to the check out desk so they can pull whatever books we have on hold. We are very grateful for the wealth of wisdom and knowledge we glean from the bound copies at the library.

    Thank you for continuing your blog... it is an inspiration to many. God bless!