July 27, 2009

Phases of Life

Blogging had dropped lower on my priorities list in the past year or so but I realize how much I have missed it. I am hopeful I can now return to regular posts and keeping track of our homeschool adventures here.

Phases of life is an important thing for each of us to keep in mind and to be responsive to. As parents and educators we need to be flexible to make the needed changes to our schedules, habits and extras in order to fit in all the essentials of our lives at any given time.

When I reflect back on the year at times I wonder why this was the thing I had to let go of and I feel like there will be a void in our family and educational history because I took this year off more or less from blogging. I am hopeful that now this year as my kids head into 5th, 3rd and 1st grade I can resume. Looking back it is amazing to me that I started this blog before my oldest was in Kindergarten, now she is heading into 5th grade and my youngest who was not even born yet is now going into 1st grade!

I have used this blog through the year to keep track of some of our favorite lessons, books, and other fun ideas. We have revisited some of them and for that I am thankful I wrote them down. It has also been a family history of sorts and I hope one day my kids can look back on it and see glimpses of our lives during this time. Others have also found usefulness out of my blog which I sometimes find amazing.

To those who have been reading along for a long time, Thanks and I am back. To those new or casual readers welcome and it is nice to have you along. To my family and friends who are in no doubt frustrated with my lack of communication here in recent days hopefully you will still read on.

Here you find the adventures of one homeschool family in the middle of the midwest doing our best and learning along the way.



  1. Welcome Back! I've been here, hanging on, keeping myself entertained in your absence :).

  2. Glad to see you back!