January 7, 2010

Random Moments

As I type this Maria is working on the computer next to me writing a fiction story, Sirah is teaching Kirsten (yes the American girl doll) how to do multiplication and Ciaran is downstairs playing piano. It is a good moment, one of the better ones in a frustrating transition week back into school. I need to remember these moments.

The first day back to school post a month vacation felt like a wash. Expectations were too high, minds and attitudes lacked discipline and it was Serona's birthday. Tempers were short, moods were low and we all survived the day. Slowly we are resuming our routines and finding a winter pace that works for us all.

Today we had grand intentions and woke to a snowy cold day, which for many homeschoolers is a great day to stay home and school. We however needed to drive Serona to work so Maria can make her swim practice before her meet. Traffic was snarled, roads were bad and long story short we arrived home at 11:00am with kids who had not yet eaten anything. Brunch was served with a read aloud from me and we settled into school at 11:45. Some days are like that.

Still I can't help but smile as I watch my 6 year old teaching her doll how to do multiplication (skip counting) and how she asked for Kirsten to have her own school work to do. I wrote an additional 10 math problems which Sirah "taught" Kirsten to do by doing them herself cheerfully. I took a picture to make the moment last longer.

Ciaran went downstairs to play piano and take a break between math and his geography slideshow work. I am excited he is enjoying learning an instrument and he has a wonderful teenage home schooler for a teacher who is just a perfect fit for him. He was also happy for the break from long division :)

Maria has an interesting assignment this month. She has to write NaNoWriMo style for a month. Her assignment is 300 words a day for a month on a story of her choice. She has been working on it for 3 days now and so far it is going well. She even decided to work on it by herself in free time one evening after swimming. We are trying to encourage her writing because she has some natural talent for it but has very little confidence in her abilities. Hopefully this writing every day will help her get through it one way or the other. So far the hardest part for her is my constant reminders that I do not want her editing or using the backspace key.

Some random moments from our day here.


  1. But they change from random to permanent once written, and now those random moments shall live on and on and on and on and on and on....

  2. And that is why I am trying to get back into blogging again, for my kids and my memories.