January 25, 2010

Suprising Moments

Sometimes my kids surprise me in the little things they say or do. For example watching the Vikings game as a family last night with some friends and towards the end of the game someone said all the Vikings suddenly found religion and are praying for their game. Sirah (age 6) responded "God does not intervene in sports games" we all kind of looked at each other. Then Serona asked me did she just use the word "intervene" and she has a point. It was one of those random moments I wanted to record for memories. A few minutes later Maria (age 10) said "I am so vexed right now" when a call was made that everyone in our room was complaining about. It was almost surreal to me to hear them talking like that while watching a football game. Here's to good vocabularies and hoping they stick around for years to come. They get that from their dad. My running joke with Serona is "Here is a quarter, can you define that word for me?"

Of course sometimes they surprise me in other ways I would like to forget, like the rounds Ciaran and Maria went today over who owned something. After nonstop choruses of "Mine, no mine" with no other words in between and expecting them to come to blows I decided to step in only to discover they were in heated argument over a 10 inch piece of black yarn. A piece of trash really but they were not relenting. It is moments like that which remind me I do not remember being a child that well to even begin to comprehend why the ownership of a 10 inch piece of black yarn mattered so much. Truly there is nothing special about this yarn and I have entire skeins I could give them in the closet. I was simply at a loss of what to say to them.

Life is made up of these random moments both the wonderful and the mind boggling as well as the exceedingly frustrating and sometimes difficult ones. Someday I will look back and miss these days even the arguing over nothing, okay I will not miss that but I will miss the ordinariness of having my kids around and I am trying to enjoy it now.

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  1. Your story about the 10 inch piece of black yarn made me laugh. My kids do that sort of thing all of the time. I think yesterday it was over a sticker that wasn't even sticky anymore. Kids are funny!

    Great Blog,