September 13, 2010

My Teacher Wears Pajamas

It is lunchtime now and time to get out of my pj's :)  It was that kind of morning and that is just fine here.  We actually were very productive despite my attire.

The kids were ready to start working early and I had not taken time to get ready myself after a late night of lesson planning and prep work.  I spent the morning at the kitchen table and couch reading out loud to them, teaching, and all the other typical duties of school just in my pj's with coffee cup in hand.  It really was quite comfortable and the kids did not blink an eye or even seem to notice it.  My tween was enjoying the morning in her lounge clothes too.

Of course now it is almost 1pm and I am still wearing pj's, hope the neighbors don't stop by.  Time to get ready and face the real world.  When I was younger I thought how much I wanted to be able to wear comfy clothes at work and dreaded the idea of high heels ever.  Well I got my wish, even when I dress up for the day it is still jeans and a comfy shirt or sweater and those high heels only come out once or twice a year for weddings and special events.

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