September 15, 2010

"You're awesome" and "I love you".  Words have power and few have had as much power today as those words said at the end of the day to me by my 11 year old daughter as I was tucking her in.  The past few hours have been emotional and challenging as we worked through a variety of issues and came out the other side.  To know the final resolution was "You're awesome" and as I am walking away "I love you mom"  - I could not ask for more.

Still more is what I got today.  My son rejoiced when he got an A on his spelling test and thanked me for working with him and teaching him.  He told me he loved me and came up just to snuggle with me.  He thanked me for driving him places and for making cookies.

My youngest seemed to spend her entire day wanting to be my helper and sharing her serving heart.  Whether it was making me coffee, helping make a bed, sweep a floor or be cooperative during school, her heart and spirit were just so giving all day.  She was flexible and generous and kind and gentle and loving.  She came to sit in my lap and wrap her arms around me.  Today running errands with me she shared with me how thankful she is that she gets to be home schooled.  Tonight putting her to bed I thanked her and told her how proud of her I was.

My husband worked hard all day and came home and told me how much he loved me.  He kept working on things around the house all night without a complaint.  He ate our take in dinner with the same gratitude as if I had spent all day cooking.  He was engaged with the kids and I at dinner and fully with us all evening.  Now after the evening is all wrapped up he picked up his work that still needs to be done tonight that he put on hold to put the family first all night.

I really am blessed.  I really am loved.  I feel so thankful for my family.  They are all pretty awesome too and I love them so much.  

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