July 14, 2005

Cool Geography Tool

We have recently been using the cool new google geography tool called Google Earth. This is a free download that is currently being beta tested. It utilizes satellite technology and gives you a perspective on the size, location and distances of places on planet Earth. We spent the morning finding our old homes, places we've travelled to, our family members, our old schools and favorite places and showing the kids where the missionaries we support live. It is pretty cool. I recommend it and think you will find it interesint, educational and informative. I must admit I think Serona and I enjoy it even more than the kids right now!



  1. I downloaded this earlier this week. I had a great time with it. MB was not as excited as I was at this point. But very cool. The one thing I realized was the image is about 4 years old. We have had a lot of growth out here were we live during this time and I can tell by what is existing and what is not.

    Very, very neat!!

    Amy in Apex

  2. Isn't it amazing? Soooo cool! I even "drove" up the highway to my sister's mountain (and posted the google image on my blog.) I visited everywhere we've lived. Even saw the red brick sidewalk and driveway my grandfather hand-laid.