July 28, 2005

Rhiannon Learns Cursive

The other day she just asked to learn cursive. I was not really wanting to go down this road and tried to convince her to wait a little while. Yet her manuscript print is very neat so I saw litle argument other than I simply did not want to start teaching it yet, not really the best argument. I put it forward anyway and she asked me if I would just print her out tracing sheets on the computer then. How could I argue. She did a great job and got some giggles over the way different letters looked. She asked to learn how to write her name and see how the letters combined. She practiced writing her name 5 times before she was happy with it, I was pleased after the second attempt!

I was wondering where the desire to write cursive came from and then I realized there have been some cursive words in the books she has been reading and she was probably wanting to understand them better so she saw this as a way to do it. She is frustrated when she seems a letter or words in cursive because she knows she can read but she can't read cursive yet. I think that is what was pushing th drive for cursive writing. It certainly did not come from me.

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