July 1, 2005


I find that since this is typically a homeschooling blog I write far too little about baby Sirah - who I can't really call a baby anymore. She is fastly approaching her second birthday and is such a joy to be with, even with the increasing tempers!

She is my little Irish lass. If there was one word that sums up Sirah right now it might be "Meself". I hear that word probably more than any other she says and she says quite a few. To Sirah, meself means "me", "Sirah", and "I do myself" so she says it in place of those words often. She is very much in the "I do it meself" stage. I am not sure where the whole meself thing came from. I think it was just too cute to correct and it stuck and now it is just her personality and who am I too change it, besides it really is very cute. Especially since she has this impish grin, mischievous smile and reddish hair, very fitting to say the least.

Sirah has been enjoying this summer. I can hardly believe the freedom I give her, freedom I did not give her siblings. Partly because she is a third child and I have learned and partly because she is such an independent and good kid. She loves playing in the yard with the kids, running up and down the beach at swim lessons and having enough space to do things herself. She can play by herself and entertain herself quite well. She climbs the bunk bed ladders, gets her own shoes on, picks out her clothes and does part of her seatbelt (she is adamant about that).

She has begun enjoying books and asking for them just as much as asking to nurse before naps and bed. She insists on picking out a story herself for storytime and fights with the other two over whose story I will read first.

While she generally is content to not fight for attention she has a way of being heard and voicing her opinion. I think her cuteness is a big factor too. She has taken to singing in the car her favorite is "winkle, winkle ittle star" and her ABC song. Lately she has taken to trying to run the opposite direction and try to get away but is content to get caught and break out into giggles. She laughs and giggles so many times in a day it is good for me to remember how healthy and important it is too laugh!

I can already see less laughter, smiles and giggles from my older two and we need to get back to being downright silly to protect that healthy laughter and fun I think that is part of what makes kids bounce so easily and makes them such a joy to be around.

Sirah is precious and we all love being around her. She still has an infectious smile and laugh and she is just the kind of kid you want to scoop up in your arms and cuddle and hold and smile with.



  1. How sweet! Your Sirah sounds just like my Cash. He will be two in September and is absolutely adored by his five older brothers and sisters (and of course mom & dad!)!! It is such a wonderful blessing to be able to have all six of them home with me and to be able to experience every first with them. Whether it be my eleven year old's first time he held a snake (on a field trip we took)or my 21 month old's new word "HURRY" (he said this to his oldest sister,Olivia, who was in the bathroom). I love homeschooling and I love being with my children 24/7. I read your blogs almost everyday and I always feel inspired, thank you!

  2. Our Duncan will be 2 in October, and I find myself missing the baby-ness, and cherishing the moments when he reverts! He also just loves the ABC song, and sings it calypso-style just like his Leapfrog magnet on the fridge! There's a little bootie dance that goes along with it -- very precious!