June 30, 2005

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are over - at least this particular round is. The kids really seemed to enjoy them, I think they liked them more because they were outdoors. The weather truly ran the gammit from extreme hot to cold, windy and thunderstorms! They both did really well and learned more than I had anticipated. Both had major accomplishments for themselves.

Ciaran, while not moving to the next level has mastered front and back floats and keeping his head under water with confidence! Today he was so proud that he was able to do a back float without getting panicky as he said. Rhiannon passed and received her Level 1 red cross card and will begin Level two next session. She caught on quickly and mastered all the skills she needed to for this class.

Overall I was happy with their lessons and while some seemed skeptical of outdoor lessons taught by teenagers I was pleased. Their ratio was very good 4 students to one teacher and they obviously learned well and the cost was reasonable unlike many other options in our area.

I must admit I look forward to the few week break we have now before we start up again as our lives have seemed quite busy these past few weeks. Still there are worse things to have to do in the summer besides going to the beach every day!


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  1. The thrill of accomplishment is probably one of the most wonderful feelings for a child. The repercussions are beautiful, aren't they? But yeah, I'm always glad to have a break from the hectic pace of swim lessons, too.