June 9, 2005

The Hobbit - A Play

We recently went to see The Hobbit done by the Minnesota Children's Theater. It was very well done. They did a great job portraying Middle Earth, which is a complex place. The costuming was good and the scenery very well done. The managed to do Smaug the dragon quite well and I especially enjoyed the Gandalf charachter.

There were some pacing issues at times it went too long and they probably could have cut out a few parts to make it run smoother but overall it was enjoyable. The kids seemed to like it, Ciaran got scared at points. Rhiannon said parts of it were "tense" but it was good even with the tense parts.

Even Serona took the morning off to join us for the show. When we go as a homeschool group you simply cannot beat the price - for our family of 5 to go it was 36.00 for a professional performance that typically costs nearly that for one ticket. It was a bit loud before and during the breaks of the show but it was quiet enough during the show. The theater's website offers some followup activities - even if you havent seen the play but just read the books you may want to check out Hobbit Study guide.


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  1. Wow, what a cool play to attend.

    We've been listening to the Hobbit on CD, and are on the last one. (I started reading it aloud, but then we moved and had trouble finding time to read when I wasn't falling asleep! *L*)