June 20, 2005

Tadpole and Rose Update

The tadpoles definately have hind legs and they are using them to jump off the ground of their tank. The bumps on their fronts are getting larger and it won't be long before those are front legs.

It is funny I have read about this transformation over a hundred times but to witness it firsthand is so much more interesting and enjoyable. If you have the opportunity to do it I recommend it. Truly gives you an appreciation for the wonder of life and God's design.

We went to visit the rose garden again and it was peak - the garden is beautiful the hot weather must have led them to open to their fullest. It is gorgeous. Ciaran's flower was in full blossom and sadly we did not have the camera with us. Hopefully we can still get a picture the next time we go.

We had tremendous thunderstorms today. The kids were in the backyard when the sky shifted and I had one of those panic moments ran out and yelled for them to come in immediately as they shut the door the wind whipped and the hail started. We headed to the basement to wait out the storm. We watched travel videos on Ireland and England. Then watched the Incredibles for the twentieth time. Ciaran and Sirah fell asleep for awhile and it was a nice way to pass a stormy afternoon.


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