June 7, 2005

Daily Log

Today I decided to keep a log of what I did throughout the day as I did it. Not a schedule of what I would do but a realistic glance into my day. Today was primarily a cleaning and organizing day as we recover from our camping trip over the weekend. We had several church activities as well.

5:30 shower and get out the door
6-7:15 bible study
7:15-8:30 car driving Serona to work
8:30-9:15 breakfast and check email
9:15-9:30 dishes/cleaning
930-945 nursing Sirah and managing squabbles between Rhia and Ciaran
9:45-10 everyone quiet time
10-12 clean entryway,organize closet, sweep, vacuum stairs
12-12:15 mail and paperwork
12:15-12:30 general pickup
12:30-12:45 nurse sirah for nap
1245-115 lunch and email
115-145 set up slip n slide
145-200 nurse Sirah
2-230 read for bible study and watch kids on slip and slide
230-245 vacuum living room, dining area and hallway
2:45-300 kids shower and changed
3:00-3:10 pickup bedroom
3:10- 350 blog book list
350-405 hunt down library books
4:05-4:15 IM with old friend
4:14-5:30 laundry
5:30-6:00 dinner and cleanup
6:00-6:20 driving
6:20-6:45 watch painted turtle lay and bury eggs
6:45-9:30 dessert and meeting at our pastors home
9:30-10:30 errands return library books, get dog food and aloe for kids sunburn
10:30-11 get kids bathed and ready for bed.
11pm blog and go to bed!

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