June 27, 2005

Swimming Lessons

Week two of swimming lessons and I am pleased. Both kids have no fear yet respect for the water. Both will go under water and try to swim. Rhiannon can swim several feet under water now and it began to click for Ciaran this week. He can do a front float and can swim briefly under water. Rhiannon also got the back float down. I still love that the lessons are outdoors even though over the course of our lesson we have had severe thunderstorms (the only day we did not go), rain, cold, and 100 degree weather! Still through all of that we get ready and go to the beach and enjoy ourselves no matter the weather. Not to mention it is several hundred dollars less than if I paid for expensive private lessons that are so popular in this area! We have one week left of this particular lesson session and I am anticipating good results next week as well.

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