June 12, 2005

Days Outdoors

While the weather is just perfect, upper 70's low 80's we try to spend as much time outdoors as we can. Today was a good example of that. After church we went to a picnic in the park with members from our church. There was a playground, wading pool and picnic area. The kids and I shared a picnic lunch of almond butter/jelly sandwiches, strawberries, cheese and crackers. I had snippets of conversations with people between watching the kids. All three loved the wading pool and it was difficult to get them to leave. Sirah feel asleep in my arms and I had an interesting conversation about extended nursing with someone - it was much more pleasant then those conversations typically are. We finally left, much to Ciaran and Rhia's disappointment after two and a half hours of nearly nonstop pool time.

Home for naps and then dinner. We headed back outside to a nearby playground where we spent the next three hours. The kids spent the time alternating between playing on the slides, swings and tire swing with riding their bike and scooter and running and jumping in mud puddles. I had bits of conversations with other parents - including a family who I never met before but recently made the decision to homeschool and live a few blocks away - hooray! I could hardly belive that we managed to pass the time away until 8:30 pm! Home for baths, bedtime stories and blessed sleep.

I am hopeful for good sleep from each of them. We start swimming lessons tommorrow - weather permitting. Yes we are actually taking them outdoors, none of this heated pool stuff - unfortunately looks like rain all week.


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