June 17, 2005

Raising Tadpoles

We finally found some local tadpoles to raise. I originally wanted to raise from eggs but as we never found any - we decided to go right from tadpoles. So we have no idea whether they will be frogs or toads. We collected two from a local pond area and brought them home and set them up in a little tank here. The kids love watching them and have shown reserve and not touched them much to their sadness. I agreed they may keep them for four days after they make the final transition into frogs and then we will release them back to their home pond. In case you are wondering I am fully expecting and prepared for tears and protests when it comes time to release them.

The morning that we found them we began the day by reading "Growing Frogs" by Vivian French which talks about doing exactly what we did and how to do it. We went out for a walk and found some and caught them in a little plastic container. The kids could not be more excited. At first I just expected Ciaran to be excited but all three of them are.

Rhiannon and Ciaran are positive the tadpole is already developing its rear legs - I am not convinced yet. However, I am first to admit that these two have proven me wrong before. Last year we raised butterflies and released them and here is what they had to say about the experience then. I am pretty sure they will enjoy raising tadpoles as much if not more. The metamorphisis is different, much slower and less dramatic but still very interesing and there is more interest in frogs and toads in this house then there was about butterflies. Also it is fun to watch the tadpoles zip all around the tank.

Will try to post updates as they happen. Of course while raising tadpoles those updates will be far in between each other.


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