June 27, 2005

Vacation Bible School

Rhiannon has been enjoying Vacation Bible School every day this week. She loves it but is tired. It makes all of us appreciate the fact that we homeschool as getting up, dressed, fed, and out the door to be somewhere by 9am sharp is near impossible and quite cranky for our family. I have to wake her up each morning and she is not pleased. But once that task is over she truly loves her time there and comes home filled with smiles I have not seen on her regularly in awhile. She is bubbling over with joy and passion for God and wants to share it. We went to her VBS program and watched as hundreds of kids sang these praise songs and of course our little girl managed to work herself up to the front and center position of the kids (she takes after her father) when they were singing.

VBS has also given her a heart for missions and she decided to give all the money she had been saving bills and coins to the missionaries associated with VBS. Her heart is so tender, her love and motives so pure and I am sure she is glorifying God and making us all remember we too need to love God with the purity and love and forgiveness of a child. If your child has an opportunity to try out a vacation bible school I recommend it.

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