June 13, 2005

Triple Tasking

Tonight I had a very effective 30 minutes. During that time I finished my current knitting project (a bible cover for Rhiannon), rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes and watched part of a movie, all at the same time. I put my exercise bike in front of the TV put on a movie and picked up my knitting. I wasn't sure it would work or that I would be effective at either. But I actually found I was quite effective at both. You see I wanted to knit but needed to exercise. So I said to myself you can knit so long as you are exercising. This kept me going far longer than I would have just sitting on the bike even while watching a movie. I told myself I had to make it to the end of the row before I could stop biking. This kept me working on my knitting at a good pace because my legs really wanted to stop. Then I started up again because I really wanted to knit. It worked for me.


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