June 27, 2005

Fort Snelling

We took a field trip to Fort Snelling – this is a historic fort that the kids enjoy. They get to watch a demonstration of the loading and firing of muskets, play traditional kids games such as hoop and stick, look inside the homes of the captain, officers, and recruits, lay on the straw beds (they slept two adults in one bed – head to foot), go into the guardhouse including the pitch black and smelly holding room, take part in a medical visit with symptoms and treatments of the day, help the blacksmith stoke his fire and carry coals in, drill a hole in some wood for the carpenter, dress up in period clothing, and many other things we did not even get to today. If you are in the Twin Cities area you will want to visit.

Historic sites are so interesting for both parent and child. If you get your children to start going at a young age they actually enjoy it! My kids did not want to leave after three hours and are already asking when we can go back. Glad we have a membership!

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