June 10, 2005

Got Questions?

Anyone have a burning question they want to ask me? Wonder something about our family, homeschooling, me personally, how we do something? Leave a comment with a question and I will answer it to the best I can sometime this week on my blog.



  1. How did you choose the names for your children? They are unusual but very interesting.

  2. What did you do before you became a mother and a homeschooler?

  3. Hi Tenn...

    I'm a try-to-homeschool mum and I was wondering if you could share how you manage to do what you do especially with a baby in the home. I have a 4-year-old and a 4-month old. My elder girl is a good learner but our routine has been very messed up - no thanks to me! How much time do your children spend on their own?

    Thanks in advance...