June 10, 2005

Arboretum Field Trip

We went to an arboretum with our homeschool support group for a field trip. The arboretum provided a backpack of supplies and the moms took turns teaching different classes with the supplies and worksheets provided. The supplies and classes went well it was a great field trip and I would recommend contacting your nearby arboretum and asking them if they offer any classroom kits or supplies for a self-guided tour. The kids learned about colors in the garden, different kinds of plants, trees, shrubs and stems. I taught a section in a herb garden and the kids went around rubbing and smelling the leaves of the different plants. I had the kids look at different leaves and colors and what they all realized was that plants smell. Then they ended the class with a section on snails and what where snails live and how they eat and they used magnifying glasses and looked around.

The trip was good but Ciaran's temper was not as good. He has two major meltdowns and it was difficult at times. We managed to make it through though the day and still enjoy the overall trip.


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